Are You Kidding Me?

As you probably know by now, I find many things to be ridiculous. As long as humans roam the earth, there will always be a steady supply of ridiculousness to blog about. Being imperfect souls, we do stupid, sometimes repugnant, often perplexing things that make me scratch my head and saykidding meBILL COSBY

Come on people! If anyone out there still has the slightest doubt he’s a sexual predator disguised in the body of a successful comedian, something is probably seriously wrong with them.

To date, 52 women have accused Cosby of sexual assault. That’s 52! Does the district attorney think all those women conspired to frame the man? If so, the DA obviously doesn’t know women. It’s tough enough to get 12 ladies to show up for Bunco once a month, let alone have 52 conspire to ruin a person’s life. buncoBesides, last month Cosby admitted that he did in fact drug women to have sex with them. Am I mistaken or isn’t that called rape?

So Long, Pervert

So long, pervert

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Don’t Be Stupid

happy birthdayOn Wednesday my friend Sharon turned 58. For this I’m grateful for two reasons:

a) she’s like a sister and, 2) she saved my life.

A much younger Sharon and me

Sharon and me in our younger days

Now don’t get me wrong; Sharon didn’t give me her bone marrow or anything. Not that she wouldn’t if I needed it. No, she saved me in a more adventurous way.

As you know if you’re a faithful reader, I once blogged about our rafting trip, Who You Callin’ an Adrenaline Junkie? But this time I’m writing about it from a I’m-grateful-to-be-alive perspective.alive Continue reading

Bursting Your Bubble

nycI’m planning another trip, this time to NYC. But after what I read recently — an article about confessions from commercial airline pilots and flight attendants — I’m not looking forward to boarding that huge metal tube. I couldn’t resist reading it though, and now, like someone who had extra whipped cream on her hot fudge sundae, I’m regretting fudge sundaeIf you’re planning a trip that requires flying, you may want to skip my blog this week. Now don’t get me wrong; I don’t want to completely burst your bubble about how awesome it is to take flight. So I’ll just poke it a little. bursting bubble Continue reading

My Chosen Few

There’s an elderly woman in middle America who blogs about her gout and what she did that day, which sometimes includes visiting the local Hy-Vee market to buy groceries. Why don’t we call her Mabel? Mabel then proceeds to explain how she cooked supper that evening. All in one run-on sentence with just a few typos.

Probably Mabel


I don’t recall how I came across her blog out in the vast blogosphere but I forced myself to keep reading. I was fascinated by its mundaneness while being intrigued with her large following. Nearly 1000 readers follow Mabel’s blog. That’s a dream to me. An unrealistic, keep on dreaming kind of dream. dream a little dream

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