The Difference Between Men and Women

Sharon & Karen

Sharon & Karen

Most men won’t be able to relate to todays blog. Therefore, you may want to head to the golf course early or get going with the weed whacker — whatever it is you do on Sunday. That’s because todays blog is about  girlfriends. Not the dating kind but the kind you love like a sister.girlfriends

You see, I think there are 4 essentials in life: food to eat, water to drink, air to breathe and girlfriends. Continue reading

Memory? What Memory?

As you read this, I’m probably on a hiking trail in Boulder, Colorado. I’m no doubt stopping for a swig of water and wondering if the view from the Royal Arch Trail is worth the 3.2 mile hike rated as “difficult.” My guess is it will be. Anyway, since I’m there and not here, I didn’t get my blog written in time to post today. Therefore, here’s the encore presentation of a blog I wrote 2 years ago but which is none-the-less just as relevant today (sadly) as it was then. Enjoy and I’ll catch ya next week!

I can’t really say my memory is not what it used to be because mine has always been pathetic. Some people are fortunate to recall childhood memories, like who came to their ninth birthday party. I don’t even remember being nine, let alone a party. It’s gone – completely obliterated from the deep crevices of my gray matter.

Since my past has shaped the person I am today, it would be nice if I had a tad more recall. Bits and pieces of my life may be buried in the corners of my mind, but they’re stuck like Super Glue and not about to budge. For some, just mentioning a name or word from the past is all it takes to release the floodgates and their memories spill out with perfect recall. Those people annoy me. Continue reading

Mrs. Winchester has Retired. Let’s Celebrate.


My backyard is finally complete, so it’s been party central around here of late. I can hardly believe it myself. Thirty years ago I never would have thought that feat was possible. Being done with the house, that is.clicking heels

When the hubby (now ex) and I bought our home in 1984, it required some creativity to see its full potential. Junipers engulfed the front yard. Nothing against Junipers but I hate ‘um. Those suckers have the hugest roots. Removing them took heavy chains, a truck and flooring said truck. Very high tech stuff. Continue reading

What’s a Little Jock Itch Among Friends?

jock itch cream

Who would have known Jock Itch cream has so many uses? Not me, that’s for sure. I never imagined I’d ever need to use it. Why would I? I’m not a male athlete. But as I discovered recently, one does not need to possess male body parts in order to develop the itchy rash otherwise known as ringworm.

Pretty disgusting looking

Pretty disgusting looking

Now don’t get me wrong; I don’t actually have worms. Ringworm is a form of fungus, same as jock itch. So I guess in a way I’m now just like one of the boys. You see, I’m fostering a domestic cat that has ringworm and although I’d never contracted the nasty rash, ones luck can only last so long. Yesterday my luck ran out. Continue reading

I’ll Take a Little Southern Hospitality, Please


Southern hospitality

When I was in Texas, everyone was so darn friendly I couldn’t believe it. Was this real? Where I visited, in The Woodlands, people still have block parties and new neighbors are welcomed with hot casseroles and freshly baked cookies. Southern hospitality, I’m told.

While jogging in Savannah, Georgia, I noticed just about every person coming my way said hello or waved. It happened so often I started to feel guilty if I ran past someone without acknowledging them in some way — eye contact or perhaps a nod.joggers

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