Off My Rocker

I’ve been thinking of doing something really stupid so somebody needs to stop me before I actually do it. You’re probably going to think I’m off my rocker and yes, I probably am. There. I admit it. So don’t hate me when I tell you I’m thinking of adopting another dog.

off my rocker

I know, I know. I’m perfectly aware that I already have 3 dogs, the Marin County limit, and 3 cats, so adding another to the mix makes no sense, right? But what can I say? I think in some way my pets actually choose me instead of the other way around.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying when I first saw my current pets they pointed a paw in my direction and said pick me, pick me!  That would be awesome, but no. It’s more like I’m drawn to them by an unspoken vibe. Next thing I know, I’m driving home with something furry in the seat beside me.

kitten pointing

Hey you. Yeah you. You’re mine so get over here

Since I’m at the animal shelter practically daily, I’ve seen hundreds of animals up for adoption over the years. And although I’ve never met a 4-legged fur ball I didn’t like, there’s no doubt every once in a while one steals my heart.

For instance, I knew the first time I saw Skip across the shelter parking lot that I had to adopt him.

skip adorable

What’s not to love?

I met Callie in the arms of the vet. Callie’s hind leg had just been amputated, yet her tail never quit wagging.


And then this past weekend I met Charlie, an owner-surrender, long-haired dachshund mix.

charlie puppy 3

Walking by the dog runs, I spotted him staring back at me with hope in his eyes. Who knows, maybe Charlie thought I was bringing him his kibble. But something in that adorable little face was irresistible to me. See? That vibe again…

Next thing I knew I was sitting on the floor in Charlie’s run. He sat in my lap just like he belonged there. Then I thought, Janet, what are you doing? You don’t need another dog. And no, I actually don’t. But I reasoned that Nellie’s getting up in age so may not be here much longer. Besides, when you have 6 pets, what’s one more? I mean, really…

Nellie at park


Still, I tried to dissuade myself. I waited for Charlie to pee on me while I played with him. No such luck. I kept throwing the toy to see if he became a hyper and overly energetic 7-month-old. Nope. Hum…maybe he has an annoying yapping bark.

charlie 4

So I walked away, listening for the barking to start. But it never came. And when I looked back, Charlie had his nose pressed into the chain link, eyes like saucers as he strained to watch me go. Oh Crap.

Charlie puppy

I immediately became the IP (Interested Party) on Charlie’s shelter records and arranged to foster him for eventual adoption. But yesterday all that changed when his previous guardian came back for him.

Just like that Charlie was gone.

But you know what? I believe everything happens for a reason. And because I’m off my rocker, I know one day I’ll be walking through the shelter when another animal will catch my eye and I’ll feel that vibe again. I’ll attempt to talk myself out of it by reasoning why I shouldn’t have another pet.

Next thing I know, I’ll be driving home with something furry in the seat beside me.

me holding charlie

So long Charlie

9 thoughts on “Off My Rocker

  1. Janet, I hope you are not too heartbroken. Sometimes they grab us by the heartstrings pretty hard. His previous owners came back for him what is up with that?

    • There is a 4 day period where they can change their mind. In this case, she moved to where pets weren’t allowed then found a place where they were. I’m sure he missed her. He’s such a sweetie, which is probably a reflection on her, so I’m happy for him.

  2. Oh Janet,clearly Charlie adored you. Funny thing, I think I know Charlie’s owner! She does love her dogs and has been searching for months to find a place to live that will take them. I guess I’m glad she did, but Charlie would have been one lucky doggy to have you.

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