Previously Published Newspaper Articles:

  • Near Lassen: Nature’s Untamed Beauty
    • In 2003, 7 girlfriends and I went on a ‘city slickers’ adventure to a wild horse sanctuary. This article appeared in the Los Angeles Times in July, 2003.
  • Kayaking Points North
    • In July of 2002, I went camping and kayaking alongside orca whales in British Columbia. This piece appeared in the Los Angeles Times in May of 2003.
  • Tennis Camp: The Tennis Enthusiasts’ Paradise
    • After my tennis friends and I attended a tennis camp in Santa Cruz, CA, I wrote this for the San Francisco Chronicle. It appeared in June of 2001. 
  • Rescuing Wild Babies
    • This story of my visit to a wildlife orphanage in Nairobi, Kenya, was published in the Marin Independent Journal in December of 2000.
  • Tenting in Tanzania
    • This article, about my African camping safari, appeared in the Los Angeles Times in August of 1999.
  • Remembering Dad
    • My first “paid” article. It’s a tribute to my father, who died in 2004 at the age of 80 from a 15-year battle with Alzheimer’s Disease. This first appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle in June of 1997.