Even-Tempered and Happy-Go-Lucky

I want to scream. I’m talking the kind of scream where I throw myself on the ground like a 5-year-old having a tantrum, legs kicking wildly, arms flailing, red faced and near tears. THAT kind of scream.


So what could cause me, a normally even-tempered, happy-go-lucky gal to feel this way? Two words…a dishwasher. God help me (and everyone around me) if another of my appliances bites the dust. I’m at the point with this Bosch dishwasher that I’d throw it through a window if I could lift it. Which I can’t. So I won’t. Continue reading

Passport Hell


My passport expired.

Now, that may not seem like a big deal to you and to be honest, it didn’t to me either. But this week I discovered I couldn’t have been more wrong. Little did I know what was in store simply renewing my passport book. And how silly of me to think it would be easy.

I’m planning to visit Greece in May when my nonprofit goes to Mykonos to help sterilize the multitudes of unaltered cats and dogs on the island. So when I noticed my passport had expired, I thought I’d just print out the proper forms and mail them to the Passport Processing Center. Sounds easy, right?

Greece man with cats

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That’s Ridiculous, Chapter 4

I haven’t written a ridiculous post in over a month so I think I’m due, don’t you? Now don’t get me wrong; I’m sure by now you’ve noticed that many of my blog posts are ridiculous. What I mean is, I sometimes list the little things in life that I find annoying or absurd. And I always have plenty of material, let me tell ya.

ridiculous quote

Anyway, let’s get right to it, shall we? I’m literally writing this at the 11th hour this weekend and if I plan to get any shut-eye tonight, I better wrap up this ridiculousness.

That’s Ridiculous #1

This morning I forgot the name of my dog, Callie. For about 10 seconds there, I was drawing a complete blank. I stared into her eyes and…nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Callie up close in kitchen

How can I forget this face?

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