When Gadgets Go On Strike

It’s no secret I’m inept when it comes to anything to do with technological gadgetry, like how things work, why they stop working and how to fix them when they do. That includes DVRs, cell phones, computers, TVs, microwaves. They all baffle me.


I once threw my iPhone across the room when it wouldn’t send emails. I know that’s a bit harsh. But let me just say it had a VERY secure cover and safely survived the toss. (Lucky for me.)

iphone cover

See? Indestructible

Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t advocate hurling your gadgets in frustration but I have to admit it was a tad satisfying. I’d say lately my gadgetry tolerance is being challenged. I’m dependent on them and now they’re falling apart. All in unison, I might add. I think they’re doing it on purpose, the hateful little bastards.

I imagine that once I’m asleep, they all awaken like the exhibits in the movie, Night at the Museum. They gather in the family room where they discuss how best to annoy me. Sometimes they choose to simply malfunction, other times they stop working altogether, like being on strike.

night at the museum

I bet the dishwasher sits near the French doors. The oven and microwave plop down on the big sofa and my iPhone and computer share the easy chair and ottoman. And then the scheming begins.

We tend to be a throw-away society but I prefer to keep what still works, regardless of its age. Take my exceedingly loud dishwasher I’ve ignored for years. If people come over when it’s running, we need to use sign language because none of us hears what the other is saying.

what sign

So when the dishwasher smelled of burning rubber on its last dry-cycle, I can’t say I was disappointed. Good old dishy finally kicked the bucket after a good 15 years of dedicated service.

Then that same week, my microwave went kaput without any warning. I’m actually having to heat food on the stove or in the oven now. Can you imagine? I miss instant gratification.

if not now when

What seemed like minutes later, my oven decides to revolt. The temperature knob has been gone for years, so I use pliers to turn it on and off, but now it’s screaming like a woman in labor and takes forever to reach the desired temperature. Time to say bye-bye.

broken oven

So long, oven

Around this same time, the satellite dish to the upstairs TV receiver kept losing its connection. I called Direct TV and hallelujah, they fixed it over the phone. And that’s when I discovered why my DVD player wouldn’t work. Are you ready? The unit wasn’t plugged in. Not. Plugged. In. I’m an idiot.

My-not-very-old-refrigerator is leaking again for the third time in 8 years. But the 25-year-old fridge in the garage has an indomitable will to keep my yogurt cold by refusing to succumb to old age. Gotta admire its spunk.

garage fridge

Old Faithful

Wait, there’s more: my SUV now refuses to go into reverse. You’d be surprised how often you actually need reverse; my bedside lamp turns itself off and on like it’s possessed; my Fitbit no longer syncs to my computer; my electric garage door only opens 2 feet on cold days. I have to wait until the sun emerges to use the garage without doing the limbo.

garage door

All this happened in the last couple months. So now I’m replacing my broken things with new things. I have little doubt that in about 10 years (or less), this particular group of gadgets will also gather in my family room to plot how best to annoy me.

And sadly, they will succeed.

3 thoughts on “When Gadgets Go On Strike

  1. Janet Janet 😻Some time I to think its a plot to get me and the things we have come to need and depend on let us down . But haveing a sense of humor does help get though the dark times even when we do stupid stuff . My dish statalight is always making me nuts it’s a test I think. Have been with Dish for over 15 years so you think I would by now know how to make it work. Well I do. I could actually work for them now. I know how to do all the right things in the right way and still they mess with me at times. So now we have the new Hopper receiver and Joyies in the other rooms with tvs sounds simple right. NOT they have a mind of there own and I’m recording in my bed room and it wants to make me watch it in the family room at the same time. Jikes that’s what the hopper is all about never haveing to watch your recording until you want to. So now I have to go to my moms room and stop her tv from watching my recording and put it back on her country gold music on Sirus radio channel all the time. She can’t use the remote at all cuz it’s to hard to figure out no just up down on off oh no. There 100rds of channels 4 or 5 in chinease 7 or 10 in Spanish I’ve tried to bock them but they always come back. That’s why I record every thing I like so I can watch it when I want to . But tv doesn’t control me right. And my phone is a smarty pants I just don’t wear it well. For the most part it good. But it to goes nuts on me sometimes. And needs a time out. But that’s what you need to do turn it off every one to rest and reboot they recanend ( but what if at that moment to the sky starts to fall how will I know it ) yes are wonderful gadgets can help make us crazy at times. But we still love them. 💜😻 good luck with all your challenges keep smiling. Love ya lots hugs 🎵😺💜😻🐾

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