An Evening at Home

Let’s set the scene…cue the music, dim the lights, pour the wine…

It’s a crisp but clear evening. Temperatures are falling into the low 40s and it’s only 9:00 p.m. Inside it’s toasty warm from the family room fireplace and the Christmas tree lights are aglow because that’s what they say at Christmas. Not, the lights on the tree are glowing. They are aglow. Don’t ask me why.


Anyway, I’m watching Love Actually, the perfect holiday movie and, I hear, a chick flick. If you happen to be a guy, check it out anyway. It’s funny yet surprisingly touching with different stories happening simultaneously. I particularly like the end, right before the credits, when they show people (not actors) greeting each other in an airport. The expression on their faces is a true picture of love, actually. Pun intended.

Yep, it’s one of those nights where I’m content to be inside surrounded by my animals with no place else I need to be. I arrived home late so didn’t give the mutts a walk. Usually that results in hyper canines chasing each other around the sofa, expelling pent-up energy from a lazy day inside. But tonight they’re content to chill.


Callie and Nellie chillin’

Now don’t get me wrong; that didn’t last long. In the movie, a doorbell rings and our peacefulness is shattered. Wally goes ballistic thinking we have a visitor. In full bark mode, he leaps from the ottoman and races for the door. Naturally, Callie, Nellie and Skip follow in hot pursuit. God forbid Wally should reach the door first to greet our non-existent visitor.

Once they realize it’s a false alarm, the troops come back to the family room. I shake my head in disgust at how easily they’re fooled. Another doorbell rings in the movie. Here we go again. By the third doorbell ring (lots of ringing in this movie) they’ve given up running to the door, possibly because they finally figured it out but more likely because they’re lazy.


Was that the doorbell again?

Wally, my newest dog, and Jackie, my fattest cat, are now lying on the back of my cozy chair, nuzzling each other like they do. These two simply adore each other. They sleep butt to butt and constantly wrestle like two kids. They playfully bite each others necks until, inevitably, one bites too hard, cries out and swats the other on the head. They part ways but 5 minutes later they’re wrestling again.



Give us a kiss

The Christmas tree is the center of attention for Jackie, who is under it eyeing the ornaments like a star gazer.


Don’t even think about swatting that ornament

He’s into his knocking-things-down stage. Playfully, he swats one on the lowest branch. I’ve already found a broken ornament and the tree’s been up only two days. I even caught Savannah trying to climb it. Wally already pooped on the tree skirt and someone else peed on it. Joy to the world.


Would I lie to you? And yes, I washed it

Nellie is now on her dog bed enjoying a happy dream, her tail thumping, her front legs twitching. While deep in slumber, little yelps escape her. Wonder what she’s dreaming about?


Tippi has claimed the warmest spot in front of the fireplace.


Meanwhile, Oliver has taken over the ottoman with no regard to where I should put my feet. What else is new?


Such is life on this crisp but clear evening, cozy at home with all my animals; grateful I’m exactly where I want to be.

4 thoughts on “An Evening at Home

  1. Janet, dear. Just a note to let you know how much I enjoy your posts and look forward to them. Im Ramona’s mother and she turned me on to you. Keep up the good work although I just dont know how you do it all. Wonderwoman.

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