Awaiting the Return of Chatty Cathy

I’m writing this Friday at 6:15 p.m. and I’ll have you know it’s pretty much the first time I’ve sat up all day. Yes, friends, I’m sick. A sicko. Under the weather. A bit peaked. In other words, I don’t feel well. I’ll pause here to give you time to feel sorry for me before I continue. Done feeling sorry? Then let’s continue.


The reason this is a big deal is because I hardly ever get sick. Seriously. Mind over matter. I get injured frequently, but not sick. When I feel I’m not up to par in the energy department, I tell myself: I feel good, I feel great. I down a packet of Emergen-C, get to bed before midnight and the next morning, bingo-bango. I’m me again.

emergen-cThe last time I was this sick was on a trip to Spain in 2013. Just like now, I lost my voice, acquired bronchitis, and was knocked hard on my butt. I don’t mind the coughing all night, having to sleep upright, nor the disgusting stuff one coughs up with bronchitis. But losing my voice? That’s torture for me. Can’t speak for my friends (or to them!) but my guess is they’re enjoying the silence. Sadly for them, I’ve become quicker at texting.


Remember Chatty Cathy dolls? Pull the cord and she talks. I guess you could say I’m a larger version of her. But now my cord is jammed. Curse you bronchitis! So today I stayed prone just about all day. I know I’m sick when I’m not hungry, but I forced myself to eat a pear this afternoon at 2:30, then I napped.


I have to say it was kinda nice to do absolutely nothing today. I almost felt guilty but not quite. Planted on the sofa, I watched a marathon of true crime shows called Fear Thy Neighbor. It was unbelievable. Made me thank my lucky stars that Paul and Vicki live next door. Not once have they stalked my every move or shot me. They’ve never spray painted my car or ransacked my home. Paul even puts out my garbage cans. Guess I lucked out.

Nice neighbors

It wasn’t half bad being a lazy bum today. It was pouring rain just like it’s done the last 62 days, or so it feels like. I had the fire roaring and 6 of my 8 animals piled on the sofa with me. They slept the day away. I believe this is their normal routine. Boy do they have it made. Me? I napped and watched TV, then I napped some more.

Normally I can’t sit still for long. It would drive me nuts. Today, however, I wanted nothing more than to move as little as humanely possible and I’d say I easily accomplished that. I even ordered dinner because I now have an appetite — spicy red vegetable curry. On second thought, that may have been a mistake. I’ll let you know…


Anyway, the day is winding down and the animals are still sleeping, the lazy bums. My food has arrived. So far so good. I think I’ll turn up the fire, watch a movie on Netflix and hope for a voice tomorrow. The return of Chatty Cathy!

But after writing this, it’s 7:30 and I’m getting tired again. Seventy-five minutes sitting up and I feel as though I ran a marathon. I think I’ll take another nap before the movie. Yeah, that sounds just about perfect.

8 thoughts on “Awaiting the Return of Chatty Cathy

  1. Sounds like a wonderful way to spend a day: Smothered with loving animals, T.V. and sleeping! I have homemade chicken noodle soup! Are you game? Let me know. I can come by on Wednesday if you need the Jewish penicillin!

  2. Janet! I feel you… I also lost my voice… not sure why. I couldn’t answer the phone.
    Anyway, it sounds like the best-case recovery scenario: a blazing hearth, furry loved ones, Netflix…

    I pray for your health to be restored!

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