Could My Mutts Be Canine Einstein’s?

So recently I told you about my not so brilliant dogs. But this week is a whole different story; today I’m blogging about how smart they are. I know! I myself am surprised I wrote that sentence since my mutts haven’t exactly proven to be canine Einstein’s. But nobody’s perfect, right?

Now don’t get me wrong; this revelation about their intelligence doesn’t really serve a purpose other than allow me to marvel at their ability to absorb certain things you’d think would go unnoticed by canines. But not by MY dogs. Here’s how smart they are…

When I unplug the hot curling brush in the morning, Taffy, Skip and Wally run downstairs because that means I’m nearly done getting ready. But Callie knows I don’t leave the bathroom until I use my eyebrow pencil. As soon as I return it to the drawer, however, she heads downstairs. How’s that for smart?

Smarty Pants

The highlight of my dogs’ day is taking a walk. Just saying the W word sends them into a frenzy. But if I say “I’ll take you for a walk later,” they look dejected. All they hear is the word later. They know and hate the word later.

When I turn on the piano light before leaving for the day, they know I’m gonna be gone until dark. Again dejected, they jump up on the sofa to settle in for a long nap even before I’ve headed out the door. I think they also hate the piano lamp. But the point is, those smart cookies know about expectations.

Before taking the pups for a walk, I use the bathroom. So you’d think whenever I do, they’d be waiting outside the door, right? Nope. They somehow sense when I’m thinking about taking them, even if I switch the time of day. They telegraph this by following me from the bathroom, then wait by the leash drawer, exactly where I was headed. Evidently my dogs are telepathic.

Taffy attempting to read my mind

When I eat popcorn, eight canine eyes are peeled on me. My dogs politely wait for me to offer them some — first Callie, then Skip, then Wally and finally Taffy. When I’m down to the bottom of the bowl and picking through those tiny pieces of popcorn mixed in with unpopped kernals, they walk away knowing the good pieces are gone. My dogs are nothing if not perceptive.

A perceptive fellow

When I fiddle with the baby gate to the hallway, they know I’m getting ready to let them in my office. Just the act of me bending over to unlock the gate prompts them to rush me like linebackers gunning for the quarterback. Obviously my mutts understand anticipation.

Wally anticipating a back rub

Before going to bed, all I have to say is Okay!, whereupon they all immediately jump up to head out back for one last pee. All except Taffy, who at this point in the day has already done her one complimentary outdoor pee. This means she sometimes has to wear a diaper to bed but she’s cool with it. That girl is very accepting.

Taffy being accepting

Ever since the dogs saw me drop some food in the kitchen, they now wait not so patiently on either side of me while I’m at the cutting board. Naturally, I make sure to occasionally drop a piece of carrot or cheese for each of them. It’s hard to ignore pleading eyes…something I’m certain they orchestrate.

So you see, although I sometimes complain about the inadequacies of my mutts, they actually grasp more than I thought. Are they Canine Einstein’s? Naw. However, you won’t believe this (because I barely can) but I think Taffy is starting to understand the concept of peeing outside. I kid you not. I wonder, could this be her light bulb moment?

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