Letting Go

I have a problem. If you looked inside my closet, it would appear I love to shop. REALLY love to shop.

closet full 2

Just one of 3 closets

But recently I discovered something I should have known all along: It’s not shopping that’s the problem; it’s rarely purging what I buy. For instance, some of my clothing was popular during the Reagan era. I mean, really…who keeps hip-huggers that long?

hip huggers

Now don’t get me wrong. My apparent reluctance to discard clothing I’d forgotten I even owned came as a surprise to me. Suddenly my closets seemed awfully small. This became evident when it took nearly all my strength to push dozens of occupied hangers aside in search of a particular item. That’s when I discovered a bridesmaid dress from a friend’s 1981 wedding. And no, that’s not a typo. I’m talking 1981.

Hello. My name is Janet and I have a problem letting go. Continue reading

So Long 2017

hello 2018So it’s bye-bye time to 2017. As for me, I’ll be saying it from my family room sofa, warm from a blazing fire. Maybe I’ll watch a movie or read a book while being amused as 4 of my pets jockey for position on my lap. One of those will include my enormous greyhound, so this should be interesting.


My lap-dog

I guess you could say I’m not a New Year’s Eve kinda gal. Now don’t get me wrong; it’s not that I don’t like a good celebration. I’m all about gatherings, enjoying each other’s company and all that. But that’s not how I view New Year’s Eve because it’s the time people often over-imbibe and do stupid things. Not that I haven’t had my moments with stupidity…but that’s for another blog.don't be stupid 2Being on the road after the clock strikes midnight is like playing Russian roulette. It’s a rare bird cruising along at 65 mph who hasn’t had one too many vodka martini’s (with 2 olives on the side, please). Oh wait, that’s me. My drink, I mean…I don’t do the cruising afterward though and therein lies the difference.bird cruising Continue reading