As Luck Would Have It

Our USTA 65+ women’s tennis team won our league playoffs to go to Sectionals this past week. I know, shocking, huh? I have to admit we surprised everyone, including ourselves, after beating the team that nearly won at Nationals last year.

For those of you who follow tennis about as much as you follow cricket, it means the team we beat was a whisper away from being the best 65+ women’s team in the nation. Kind of a big deal for amateur tennis players.

So during playoffs, it’s safe to say our hopes weren’t particularly high. In fact, our opponents brought champagne and had a luncheon spread to celebrate their impending victory. But here’s the thing — sometimes luck wins out over talent. And as luck would have it, we beat them.

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Senior Tennis Warriors

JT, me, Patty and Shelley at Nationals

JT, me, Patty and Shelley at Nationals

My friends’ tennis team is back from Nationals in Surprise, Arizona. The surprise is that the place is a pit. No offense to anyone from Surprise or anyone living in Surprise, but seriously, what goes on there? Well, I’ll tell you. Absolutely nothing, that’s what. But I digress… Continue reading