The Difference Between Men and Women\\\

Sharon & Karen Sharon & Karen

Most men won’t be able to relate to todays blog. Therefore, you may want to head to the golf course early or get going with the weed whacker — whatever it is you do on Sunday. That’s because todays blog is about  girlfriends. Not the dating kind but the kind you love like a sister.girlfriends

You see, I think there are 4 essentials in life: food to eat, water to drink, air to breathe and girlfriends.

The gang Some of the gang
Me, JT, Patti, Annette & Hilary Tennis buds: me, JT, Patti, Annette & Hilary


I’d been lucky in love for 36 years, but alas, that ended. Girlfriends, however, are like cellulite or nude photos leaked onto Facebook; no matter what, they’re here to stay. And fortunately for me, I hit the jackpot in the girlfriend department.

Some of my closest friends went to high school with me over 40 years ago. Others I met through tennis but feel as though I’ve known them forever.

Me, Sharon, Pam & Sue High school buds: me, Sharon, Pam & Sue
Suzie & Hilary Suzie & Hilary

Now don’t get me wrong; I’m not saying men don’t have close friendships. They definitely do. But if you hadn’t already noticed, we female types communicate with each other in ENTIRELY different ways. I gotta say, male bonding is intriguing, don’t you think?

I could be wrong here but I think men tend to connect with each other over similar interests, such as sports. We women connect on an emotional level, sharing what’s mostly foreign to men: the expression of feelings.

Kim, Pam & Sheila Kim, Pam & Sheila

I don’t know about you but I’m not aware of any men who, when enjoying a brewski with their buds, come even remotely close to divulging what lies within.


Annette Annette

We women, on the other hand, that’s pretty much our main topic.

Just try picturing this scenario if you can. I’ll warn you, it’s not easy:

Hey Bob, did your wife and you have a nice weekend? Do anything fun?

Well, Steve, the misses out-did herself with the most delicious pancakes Sunday morning. I think her secret is vanilla. Then we walked to the local cafe for lattes and talked about how much we’ll miss our niece when she moves to Tennessee. I get choked up just thinking about it.

Laura Laura

Yeah, that’s got to be tough. I can’t imagine how I’d feel if my daughter moved out of state. Brings tears to my eyes. I feel for ya, buddy.

Thanks. I knew you’d understand what I’m going through.

Okay, enough of that. Back to reality…I believe I know what you’re thinking: that conversation would never happen. And I’d say you’re probably right.

Kim & Sharon Kim & Sharon
Patti, Patty & Hilary Patti, Patty & Hilary

This is a more typical scenario of bonding between the guys I know:

Sue H. Sue H.

Hey Bob, you have any fun this weekend or did you spend it with the wife?

If she heard you say that you know your ass would be grass.

No worries. I’d win her over with my charm. I have a way with the ladies in case you hadn’t noticed.

No, actually I hadn’t.

Me, Pam & Kim Me, Pam & Kim in Cabo

So did you see the game Sunday?

Yeah, it sucked.

What’s with that dick-head Peterson? He can’t throw worth shit.

I hear ya. Never should have traded Suarez for that loser.

You got that right.

Sharon & me Sharon & me

Then the guys proceed to drink more beer while watching golf on TV (just shoot me now) and sit in utter silence for 15 minutes watching players putt. I don’t know ANY women who can sit together in silence for more than 30 seconds, unless maybe they’re at the movies with popcorn-stuffed mouths. I, however, don’t let that stop me.

Joan & Sharon Joan & Sharon

Yes, we women are different from men in how we communicate. But where we’re similar is in our need for friendships that connect us to people we’re not actually related to but who are none-the-less our chosen family. For me it’s my girlfriends. And that’s where my luck has yet to run dry.

My girlfriends are my sisters from different parents; it’s difficult to imagine my life without them and I’m glad I don’t have to. I hate to admit it but a variation of that sappy line from the movie, Jerry McGuire, actually makes sense to me: My friends complete me.

And speaking of feelings, that’s a pretty sweet one.

On a cruise On a cruise
Patty, Patti, me, JT & Hilary Patty, Patti, me, JT & Hilary in Tahoe


At the Wild Horse Sanctuary Cowgirls at the Wild Horse Sanctuary


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