A Christmas Tradition

I guess you could say my Christmas spirit was missing in action this year. Now don’t get me wrong. It’s not like me to forgo decorating with enough holiday decor that borders on being embarrassing. However, I was swamped with work so finding time (and the gumption) to drag everything from the shed was rather daunting. So I skipped it, other than placing a wreath on the front door, giving the illusion I’m festive.bah-humbugNormally I invite my 10 besties over for a tree decorating party in early December. We eat, drink and are consequently quite merry. Karen hangs the lights because she does it best. The gals hang most of the ornaments, yelling at me to “Come help us!” That’s because I’m usually busy gabbing. Dinner is just a ruse to lure them over. I’m like Tom Sawyer, only instead of painting my fence, they decorate my tree. But this year I gave them a reprieve. Continue reading

Back to My Reality


Vacation is over. It’s now back to my reality:

  1. Trapping feral cats to halt their baby-making capabilities reminiscent of Octomom and her 14 kids.Octomom and kids
  2. Playing tennis in my ongoing attempt to serve an ace before I die. Accomplishing that feat is so far fetched, it likely would result in my opponent having a heart attack from the sheer absurdity of it. So let’s skip this one, shall we?
  3. Continuing to manage 7 animals…like stopping Jack from pouncing on Savannah, cleaning up after Oliver’s hairballs, keeping Nellie from eating poop in the backyard and trying to get Tippy to sit anywhere but in front of my monitor. tippi blocking computer
  4. Enjoying time spent with friends. Oh wait! That’s what I was doing on vacation. Hmm…appears I have a pretty nice life. Gotta love retirement…

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Chef Secrets You Might Want To Know (Or Not)

The birthday girl

The birthday girl

Last week my friend Joan had a birthday, so 8 of our friends met for dinner to celebrate at Marin Joe’s. They have great steaks (if you enjoy eating things that once had a face), tasty pastas and assorted fresh seafood. Can’t lose, right?

Normally I’d answer in the affirmative had I not recently made the mistake of reading a survey Food Network conducted about chef secrets. Admittedly, my timing was poor. Did I really want to know their sordid tales right before dinner? Uh…yes I did.

Now don’t get me wrong; my new-found knowledge didn’t stop me from enjoying my meal. It’s no secret I love to eat. (Hey, thighs don’t lie.) I’m not saying Joe’s is guilty of any of the following but here’s what I learned: Continue reading

Significant Other

I published this post a couple years ago. Since I’m currently with my non-matchmaking friends in Nashville, I thought you might enjoy reading why I’m thankful for that…(No offense, matchmaking friends.) So no, this trip I won’t be coming home with an up and coming country music star…

You’ve gotta love my tennis friends. Now that I’m single, they’ve been madly trying to hook me up at tennis tournaments with just about anything in shorts.

Tennis Friends

Tennis Friends

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It Pays to Know People in High Places

I have an announcement to make……..I’m in love!heart

Now before you get all excited, let me clarify: it’s not with a man. And no, it’s not a woman either. And although I’m passionate about animals, a 4-legged creature is not what has captured my heart. Actually, it’s a state; Colorado, to be precise.

Now don’t get me wrong; I’m not saying I don’t love California anymore. That will never happen. I’m a Californian through and through. But after a recent first visit to Boulder, Breckenridge and Vail, call me…smitten

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