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I published this post a couple years ago. Since I’m currently with my non-matchmaking friends in Nashville, I thought you might enjoy reading why I’m thankful for that…(No offense, matchmaking friends.) So no, this trip I won’t be coming home with an up and coming country music star…

You’ve gotta love my tennis friends. Now that I’m single, they’ve been madly trying to hook me up at tennis tournaments with just about anything in shorts.

Tennis Friends

Tennis Friends

I keep telling them I’m perfectly happy but they appear to have selective hearing. Also, I’m beginning to seriously question their judgment.

Selective hearing

Selective hearing

Even though they have my best interests at heart, my friends’ choice in men hasn’t been what I’d call stellar. I don’t consider myself particularly picky but I do have certain basic requirements:

1) He can’t be older than my grandfather, if my grandfather were still alive.

Grandpa Verne

Grandpa Verne

2) We have to live within the same state.

3) He should be of sound mind and body, although both are negotiable.

Having said that, I’m not looking and definitely don’t feel the need. But tell that to my friends.

Not listening!

Not listening!

Take Annette, for instance. At a recent out-of-town tennis event, she came downstairs at the hotel and saw me reading in the lounge near a man she apparently found attractive and “perfect for me.” (Is she psychic or something?)

Psychic Annette

Psychic Annette

So I’m sitting across from her and she’s nodding her head in his direction, trying to be subtle but not succeeding. She later said, “Why were you sitting there reading when you could have been engaging that handsome gentleman in conversation?” Hey, it was a good book.

Annette even has her husband, Tony, on the hunt for me. When a guy moved in across the street from them, they quickly found out he was single and wealthy (I guess that gave him bonus points). Annette could barely contain her excitement as she told me of their meeting and how sweet he was, yada-yada…

Their bubble burst a few nights later when she and Tony saw him at a local restaurant and also met his good-looking life partner, Paul.

How I bet Paul looks

Then there’s Kathy. God love her, she’s funny and fearless. Unfortunately for me, she fancies herself a matchmaker. Let’s just say the woman is clueless in the Significant Other department, although she’s been happily married for 25 years. All the better reason not to trust her judgment; she’s been out of action too long.

Matchmaker Kathy

Matchmaker Kathy

So again, my team is at a tennis event and Kathy’s on the prowl for me. She stopped almost every guy who walked by and asked if he was single. If he said yes, she chatted with him a while, deciding whether he’d be a good prospect for me. You don’t believe me, but it’s true.

Actually, I was on court and not aware of Kathy’s attempts at matchmaking until I looked up toward the stands to see her next to a man, age 70 if he was a day. She was pointing toward me, I kid you not.

NOT who Kathy approached

NOT who Kathy approached

The guy wore knee-socks, tennis shorts that barely covered his sagging butt cheeks, and one of those brimmed hats old men wear when they fish. He may have even had a cane.

The saddest part, though, is that he was nowhere to be seen when I came off court (so much for my self-esteem). Now don’t get me wrong; I have nothing against the elderly and decrepit, I just don’t want to date them yet. Give me another 20 years, please.

Kathy also says I’ll never find a man if I keep riding my scooter…says it’s the opposite of a man-magnet. I guess that would make it a man-detractor? Oh well, I’m a scooter kind of gal, thank you very much.

To prove her point, the last time I left the tennis club, Kathy had a group of gals line up along the driveway and give me either thumbs up or down as I scooted by in my burgundy helmet, tennis bag on my back. It was a tie vote; I’m keeping the scooter.

Then, at another tennis event, I talked with a guy for an hour as we worked out alone in the gym at the hotel.

My observant friends noticed and became excited. That ended when we, coincidentally, sat next to him (and his date) at dinner that evening.

I’m starting to notice a pattern and it seems tennis is the operative word here. I suppose we better stop traveling to tournaments. It’s apparent these sojourns cause my friends to become hyper-vigilant in finding me a Significant Other.

Anyway, I appreciate how they worry about me being alone. But the thing is, I’m not lonely. I have a full, happy life. No need to worry about me. Now I just have to convince my tennis friends of that – and preferably before next week.

That’s when we head to Arizona for Nationals. God knows who they’ll find for me there.

14 thoughts on “Significant Other

    • Susan, if I had to do it again, I’d get a Genuine Buddy. They are the best scooters. Very reliable and also more affordable than the Aprilia I have. I love it but the Buddy is better.

      • Is the Buddy Italian made or American made? Do you feel safe on the Aprilia? What distances do you travel? Ever on 101?

      • The Buddy is made in Taiwan. They also make Piaggio scooters. I do love the Aprilia because of the larger wheel base but there are differing opinions on that. Mine is only a 50 cc so I don’t take it on the freeway. I used to have motorcycles and it’s too dangerous out there now. I prefer the back roads. My bike goes up to 45 mph, which is fine with me. Lets talk about scooters next time I see you because I have more info to share if you’re interested….

  1. Well-meaning friends are still the best, of course. Maybe, it’s their newest form of entertainment!


  2. that was so great Janet. I had to forward it to my friend who plays tennis up here in Chico. I think she will really enjoy it too. Sorry about the Nationals… so close.

    • Thanks for forwarding. We had fun anyway. The team that beat the Marin team made it to finals and only lost by a third set tiebreaker (2 point difference) so the gals felt pretty good about losing to the #2 team in the country.

  3. I am already planning and considering other strategies for finding you a man….cant wait till our team gets to districts the next time. I just dont think we were aggressive enough last time.

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