Good Morning

good morningIt’s 7:00 a.m.

Savannah’s nudging my arm with her cheek as if to say, Hey you, I’m awake. How about you? Pet me, pet me, pet me, pet me. So I do.She rubs her body along my side before nuzzling my chin. Then she bites me on the cheek. Good morning to you too.

Now I’m awake. So I turn on the news while I lie there enjoying my last few moments of doing absolutely nothing before the day begins. This is ourmorning routineSkip is snoring softly next to me but the TV wakes him. He immediately finds his security blanket, stuffs it in his mouth, then makes his way to my pillow where he plops himself down.skip blankieCradling the blanket between his legs, Skip begins sucking it while his paws knead the bed. His eyes slowly close as he soothes himself back to sleep. It’s too early for Skip. He likes to lounge a little longer before rising for his day. So I stroke his back while he nods off again.



In the meantime, lying on the other pillow, Callie is watching me. Probably did even while I slept. She’s obsessed with me. Sometimes she pretends to watch TV but I see her peeking at me out of the corner of her eye. I can’t decide if it’s cute or creepy.

You talking about me?

You talking about me?

Nellie is still sawing zzz’s on her dog bed. She’s on her back, her head resting on the side cushion. If there’s a pillow in sight, Nellie’s head is on it. Her eyes are open but she has yet to move a single muscle.nellie dogbedTippy, who was snoozing on my legs, leaps across Callie then stops to lick Skip’s ears. He growls at her and I tell him to pipe down. So he does. Tippy makes it to her favorite spot, the crook of my neck. She mews as if to say, Hey lady, get busy. You know the routine…rub my head. So I do.


Oliver then saunters upstairs from the living room. He’s a bit of a loner so prefers the solitude of the sofa. But now it’s his time for some pets. Like a kindergartner who doesn’t want to share, he swats at Savannah and stares down Tippy, so they’ll jump off the bed. And they do. He has me all to himself now except for the dogs. But Oliver hardly ever notices them.

King of the bed

King of the bed

When the bed is just too big

When the bed is too crowded

Once Nellie sees we’re all awake, she wants in on the action so jumps up on the bed. Everyone scatters. When she settles in at the far corner, it’s safe to come back on.  Time to get up. I shower, get dressed and head downstairs to feed the troops. It’s the same routine every time: Callie races down first, followed by Skip dragging his blanket behind him. Callie stops part way down to steal it from him. Then she runs through the living room, Skip yapping in hot pursuit. Satisfied, Callie lets him take it back.

How dare you take my precious blanket

How dare you take my precious blanket

In the meantime, the 3 cats tear downstairs, sliding into the turn leading to the living room. Sometimes Oliver rams into the front door, bounces off and keeps going. All the while, Nellie waits at the top until everyone is down. I yell, Come on Nellie! And she does.

It’s now 8:00 a.m.

The mutts are waiting for their breakfast — each dog by his or her respective bowl while the cats are in the spare room staring at their empty plates. My morning latte will have to wait another 15 minutes. Can I make it that long?

I think I can, I think I can, it, I think I can…

And I do.

Come to mama

Come to Mama

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