Owning a Busy Brain

I’m a multitasker. My brain is always one step ahead of the rest of me and it’s tough playing catch up. You see, I find it difficult to do only one thing at a time. The real problem is that there’s only 24 hours in a day. Even though I only sleep for 5-6 of them, I continually discover there’s just not enough time to do what I need to do. Or more importantly, want to do.


For instance, while I’m writing this, I’m propped up in bed, intermittently checking my emails, watching the 11:00 news and alternately petting my cat Oliver, who’s asleep on the night stand and then my dog Skip, who’s glued to my side. I’d pet my dog Callie too but she’s at the foot of the bed and I don’t want to reach down that far. Hey, I’m human. I can only do so much.

what do you want from me

Sometimes I wish I could quiet my brain. I tried meditation but there’s an art to that, don’t you think? Being able to focus on, well…nothing, is hard. It takes discipline and lots of practice. At least that’s what I hear. Anyway, who has the time? Besides, when I’ve tried meditating, it gives my mind free reign to go wild. And let me tell ya it takes full advantage.

I sit in the crossed-legged-fingers-touching-meditation-pose. I go back and forth as to which phrase I want to chant. When I finally decide, by my tenth chant I’m usually falling asleep, which defeats the purpose but is a welcome relief for someone who lacks sleep. In fact, maybe I’m onto something here.


But other times my mind takes flight. I think of the dozens of emails I need to answer, the list of people I have to call. I remember my Monday dentist appointment and the plumber on Tuesday. I hear the ceiling fan clicking. Why is it clicking? Gotta call the handyman. Oh, that reminds me, the backyard retaining wall needs rebuilding.


Hum…I’m hungry. What should I have for breakfast? Maybe Greek yogurt and berries. Yeah, that sounds good. Hey, I wonder how long I’ve been meditating? (I sneak a peek at the clock on my nightstand.) Only 5 MINUTES?! No way. It feels more like 45. I bet something’s wrong with my clock. Maybe the electricity went out while I was meditating.

That’s when I give up and head downstairs for yogurt.

greek yogurt

Because my mind scatters here, there and everywhere, I’m a huge fan of making lists. I think it’s a prerequisite for multitaskers and busy people. So I carry a notepad around. (I always forget that my phone takes notes.) Yesterday the list had 54 “to do” items needing to be crossed off days ago. But for every 10 I remove, I add another 15. Consequently, if I’m not repeatedly checking my list, I’ll no doubt forget to do most of what’s on it.

to do list again

Talking about scattered, I recall times I’ve let Skip in the backyard to do his business before I head out. I’d return a couple hours later to find him sitting on the patio glaring at me in disgust that I could leave him out there. He’s so transparent, that one.

Jackie on the other hand is much more tolerant of my flaws. This I find endearing. I feed the big guy separately in the bathroom because he inhales the other cats’ food. But last week in my rush to leave I forgot him too…until 11 hours later. Yikes. When I opened the bathroom door, I found him curled up in the sink in absolutely no rush to leave. He gave me a look that said, Oh, it’s you. Hey, what’s for dinner?

Note to self: better put a litter box in the bathroom.


Jackie in sink2

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