You Can’t Trust Anyone

I’m sitting on my sofa writing this, fighting off something intangible, unlike the pesky fly that buzzed around my face earlier today. (Which reminds me, what’s a fly doing still hanging around in October? Didn’t he get the memo it’s time to move on?) Anyway, what I’m fighting off today is exhaustion and I’m afraid it’s gaining the upper hand.


Normally I write in my office where I usually house a feral foster kitten. When I’m too busy to hold the little munchkin, I sometimes socialize it with a wand toy in one hand while typing with the other. So finishing a blog post when I’m fostering can be long and tiresome, not unlike this election season.


George, my latest foster

Anyway, I’d be in my office right about now but I don’t have the stamina to walk the 28 paces to get there. Yes, I actually counted. So I confess I wasn’t being honest just now because I actually walked the distance then came back to my cushy sofa to continue writing. Which brings me to the point of this week’s post; you can’t trust anyone.

trust-issuesFor instance, someone sent me a very touching email about a soldier who had to give up his dog before being deployed to Iraq. The soldier is killed in action, his dog gets adopted and the rest of the story is loaded with all sorts of tear-jerk moments. Naturally I sent it to my dog-loving friends.

Turns out, it was all made up. A friend found it on Snopes and learned it was bogus. Why would someone write and distribute a fake story like that? What could be the motive other than to work on creative writing skills? Well, they suckered me, that’s for sure. Hey, I told you….you can’t trust anyone.


Actually, that’s not true. I just lied again, further confirming the title of this post. But really, I trust all kinds of people, mostly my longtime friends. Although to be honest, I doubt anyone would tell me if my haircut is particularly pitiful (except maybe Hilary) or that the outfit I’m wearing makes me resemble SpongeBob SquarePants.

And if I’m still being honest here (which I am) I admit I had to write that sentence 3 times. I started with SquarePants SpongeBob then SpongePants SquareBob before I looked up the correct terminology. Obviously I have no grandchildren.


Now don’t get me wrong; I had no intention of blogging about trust. But sometimes I have no control over what my fingers do once they start typing. Actually, exhaustion was to be the theme today but then I lost track of my thoughts and made very little effort to get them back because, well, I’m exhausted. How are you not getting this?

In fact, I was so weary I almost didn’t bother bringing in the mail because it meant walking to the mailbox. Seemed like way too much effort to me. But then I’m a curious sort and the suspense was killing me. So I retrieved the mail. Sadly, it wasn’t worth the wasted energy.


So to wrap it up, that’s how this post ended up being about trust…and exhaustion. Next week I’ll tell you why I’m so drained. Honestly, it will be a good read and well worth the wait.


3 thoughts on “You Can’t Trust Anyone

  1. I’m sorry you’re exhausted, but I’m not surprised. I see with my own two eyes how hard you work. You deserve a break, and a rainy day is a good time to take it.

  2. Janet, you make me laugh!!! I was going to send you a selfie of me laughing so hard it brought tears, but I take really bad selfies. My co-workers must think I nuts, because of the laughter emanating from my cubicle. Keep them coming, its the only sane part of my work day.

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