Only in Texas

I’ve visited 20 states so far in my 61 years. Eventually, I hope to see most of them. Well, all except for Michigan and Wisconsin. I’ve crossed them off my list for certain recent events. But never mind that now. Let bygones be bygones, right? Besides, moving to Canada is out of the question; I’m not fond of cold weather and I don’t understand ice hockey. But let’s continue, shall we?


No thank you

My point is, little did I know I’d visit a particular state WAY more than I ever imagined. That would be Texas, y’all. Now don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against the place, exactly. It’s actually an interesting, often beautiful and entertaining state. But there’s only one reason I’ve gone there so often — one of my besties, Sharon, lives there.


I’d say I’ve been to the Lone Star State over a dozen times since Sharon and her hubby Jim moved north of Houston in 1998 when Jim’s work transferred him. However, my visit last week could be the final one, as they may soon be moving back home and I’m happier than all git-out.

yippee-ki-yayOn this trip to cowboy country, I spent some fun-packed days with Sharon and friends Joan and Corinne, taking in as much as we could in 8 days: Houston, Dallas, Ft. Worth and Waco. Don’t worry, I won’t bore you with the details of everything we saw, did, drank and ate. But we saw, did, drank and ate it all.


Joan, moi, and Sharon — let the eating begin


Shopping at the gargantuan Houston Nutcracker Market

You know what they say –everything’s bigger in Texas — big hair, big guns, big trucks. You name it, it’s big. It’s almost like like being in a different country at times. Or universe. I’m fixin’ to tell ya why…


Found this fruit in the supermarket. At least I think it’s fruit, being it was near the pomegranates. Otherwise I have no clue what it is, how you eat it or why you’d eat it.


Speaking of big, these are Texas flasks covered in cow hair. I prefer my cosmopolitan in a martini glass. But that’s just me.

My keychain: a green carabiner. A Texas keychain: a raccoon tail, hide attached.


I carry a pack of gum in my purse. In Texas, ladies pack guns with holsters, again covered in cow. Here’s a tip: Beware of ladies with large purses.


Joan at a store selling bull horns. Because nothing says home quite like the remains of a once vital animal hanging in your den.

We ate at Twisted Root Burger Co. in Waco featuring unusual specials each week. Needless to say, I passed and enjoyed the veggie burger.


Other specials: emu, alligator, beaver and camel, to name a few.


Historic Ft. Worth Stockyard cattle drive (since 1890): these days it’s a stroll around the block then back to their holding pens.


Where else can ya belly up to the bar on a saddle?


Booger Reds Saloon in Ft. Worth, home of buffalo butt beer. And yes, that’s an actual buffalo butt mounted above the bar.

texas gun store.jpg

Texas gun store. We also saw signs on storefront windows saying “No concealed weapons allowed.” Guess this is why they say ‘Don’t mess with Texas’


Must be quite an assortment

We had to stop at the popular Buc-ee’s, home of Buc-ee’s Beaver Nuggets (like caramel corn).



Joan and I get chummy with Buc-ee

Okay, enough of that. I’m sure you can see Texas is unique. I know I’ve made a little fun of it here but I’ve found Texans to be kind and polite, faith-filled, family-oriented and extremely proud of their state. So I won’t hold it against them, or Corinne, for how they voted.


We love her anyway

I’ve had some memorable times here with great friends. But now I must say so long and look onward to other exciting states and new adventures that await.



6 thoughts on “Only in Texas

  1. You need to come back at least another time because we have more to do, fun stuff that is. We still need to see the JFK Museum, the Dallas movie set, and the cute town of McKinney Texas. And I’d love to go back to the Arboretum in Dallas I ALWAYS enjoy your trip Janet.
    Love you,

  2. I did enjoy the museum last time and haven’t seen the Dallas set. Never mind that I didn’t watch the show! I also didn’t see the Chip and Joanne show and went to Waco anyway. Maybe one last hurrah…

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