My Cat From Hell

Remember a few weeks back when I blogged about my cat, Tippi, who had a major personality change? (When a Cat Loves a Woman.) Being a tortie, she can be a bit of a bitch if you want to know the truth. Now don’t get me wrong; she’s a good bitch. Tippi holds her own among my 7 other pets and she’s the tiniest of them all, so it’s essential she not be a pushover.


Tippi probably weighs 7 lbs soaking wet, although she’s never soaking wet. Since I value my life, I’d never give a tortie a bath. Do you think I’m an idiot? That’s a rhetorical question but I suspect you were quick to answer. Still, my 7 lb. kitty has absolutely no fear and I just love that about her.

You should see Tippi in action. My cat, Fat Jack, who causes all kinds of mayhem by frequently pouncing on my other two felines, Savannah and Oliver, always gives a wide berth when strolling by Tippi. And he’s twice her size. She scares the bejeebers out of him…just another thing I love about her.

Jack eating 3

Why he’s called Fat Jack

There’s a certain look Tippi gives when she’s had enough of me or my dogs, Nellie, Callie, Skip and Wally, or with my other three cats. It’s not a — come give us a kiss — kind of look. It’s more like — even glance my way and my claws will have to be surgically removed from your cheek — kind of look.

Tippi on my lap

Yeah, that’s it

Tippi has always had tortitude but in the last year or so she became sweet and loving. Much less attitude, much more snuggling. I know, I couldn’t believe it either…so unlike her. In fact, my friends rarely saw Tippi because she made herself scarce. I believe they thought I made her up — a figment of my demented imagination. But thankfully photos proved her existence.

Tippi in my bed

Making herself comfy in my bed

So when the tortie from hell disappeared, leaving behind Miss Affectionate, I felt I had a brand spanking new cat. Or possibly an imposter. As I mentioned in my previous post, she followed me everywhere, so much so that it bordered on annoying. I nearly tripped over her dozens of times and if truth be told, I’ve sported a sore neck for months because Tippi insisted on sleeping across mine. She’s like a 7 lb. furry neck cyst.

Tippi on my neck

See what I mean?

So to get to the point (finally), I brought Tippi to the vet when she lost weight and also because her extreme loveliness had me worried. As it turns out, she had a severe case of gingivitis and stomatitis, causing her lots of discomfort. To top it off, her teeth were perfect but her poor gums resembled raw hamburger.


Anyway, I now have a toothless cat. Nary a pearly white in sight. For days after Tippi’s teeth were removed, I fed her chicken, ham and turkey baby food. Out of pain, she couldn’t get enough to eat. That cat rivaled Fat Jack at mealtime.

And so I waited. Waited for the cat from hell to return and smack me when I dared change positions in bed. I was convinced her pain caused her to seek comfort with me. But a funny thing happened; my lovely, adoring tortie is still here. Not a bitch in sight.

Tippi on my lap

She’s still the first to greet me when I walk through the door…the cat that’s now addicted to giving head butts…who insists on yet another chin rub…the one who waits in the bathroom while I shower.

The only noticeable difference is that Tippy rarely sleeps on my neck anymore. Don’t ask me why. Let’s not jinx it. I have a sweet tortie and I’m now officially cyst-free.

Oh happy day 2


6 thoughts on “My Cat From Hell

  1. lol

    I do miss cats…wonder if we should get a couple into our household? Certainly promises to add a whole new dimension of entertainment around here…(ok, maybe not. Maybe we have enough drama here already…)

  2. You have the most amazing cats and there stories. My tortie doesn’t like the new kittens so she doesn’t want to sleep on the bed any more. So sad. So I made her a place just right of my bed in the bed in the walk in closet. On top of a dresser. She knows I’m close. And that works. Love you and miss you Janet. Hugs 🐾😸🙋💜🙀🐈😺

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