Sheltering in Place

I’m sitting in my home as I write this and I assume you are as well. Sitting in your own home, that is. Not mine. What?! You’re not? Well then, what the hell are you thinking? Or a better question might be: Are you thinking? Anyway, I’m not here to berate you for completely ignoring every virologists recommendation that we “shelter in place” to limit the spread of the Coronavirus. (Although apparently I just did.)


Are you sheltering in place?

Now don’t get me wrong; I haven’t completely sequestered myself either. Other than visiting the store, which I’ve only done once (because I tend to shop like 5 other people live with me), I’ve left only to tend to some ferals. Can’t exactly let those kitties starve. Therefore, my forays into the theater parking lot, into the field next to Target, and behind the college dumpsters are considered “essential activities.” Life saving stuff, my friends.

feral eating

Anyway, the virus is getting pretty scary as death rates rise and test kits and personal protective equipment are virtually nonexistent. We’re all bound to know someone who is infected. And that’s also scary. So while we do what we can to stay healthy, I have to admit there have been benefits to being home-bound more than usual.

For instance, I was reintroduced to my backyard, which I’ve neglected horribly. It took me 3 days just to weed. Now I have to bag them up since I stupidly tossed them on the ground instead of into my compost bin. That’s gonna take another full day. But hey, I have nothing but time at the moment. Just like you. Still, this reminds me I need a gardener. I’m too old and lazy for this.

hate pulling weeds

I’m also gradually getting through my Honey-Do list, me being the honey who does. Although for every two items I cross off, I think of another to add. When I know I don’t have to be anywhere on a particular day I’m like a kid in a candy store. Or like me in a candy store (love me some candy). But I don’t know where to start first so I begin by reading and replying to my personal and work emails, texts and voice mails. Two hours later I’m wondering where the time went.

Oh, and my cat Savannah has taken to me. This is quite unusual and no doubt temporary. Being the most feral of my felines, Savannah frequently hides as though in the Witness Protection Program. But since I’m home more now, she even jumped on my lap yesterday. I was in such shock I almost forgot to take a photo.

savannah on lap

I’m embarrassed to say I’ve been binge-watching ‘Glee’, the cheesy but entertaining musical. And also the program ‘Dexter’ about a serial killer who only murders people who, in his opinion, deserve it. What can I say? I’m a walking dichotomy. And I have time. Lots of it.

And since I’ve grocery shopped just once, I’m finally using the massive amounts of food in my fridge. I now actually see what’s in there without having to first remove the eggs and milk to find the yogurt. And my fridge in the garage is downright barren now, poor thing. One must be pretty creative to make meals out of what’s left in my fridge. So I guess I’m creative.

nearly empty fridge

Yes, I miss my freedom. But I’m never bored. There’s way too much to do and never enough time to do it. Eventually the world will get back to normal and undoubtedly we will too. But in the meantime, we need to stay smart to help control this pandemic that’s already taken too many lives. Take care everyone.

hang in there


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