Yes, It’s Likely I’m crazy.

I know some people think I’m crazy for being a guardian of 8 pets. Well, maybe it’s more than just some people. Probably a few. Quite a few, is my guess.

who you callin' crazy

Now don’t get me wrong; I don’t disagree. Especially on days when Wally won’t stop barking…

Wally in backyard

Taffy misses her pee pad…

Taffy pees

Fat Jack eats all his food then finishes everyone else’s…

Fat jack

Oliver wakes me with his paw on my face…

Oliver on bed again

Shy Savannah hides too much…

Savannah in backyard

Dash escapes my escape-proof backyard…

Dash relaxing

Callie hogs the bed…

Callie couch

And Skip…well, I have to admit he’s nearly perfect. Other than being afraid of stairs.

skip wants up

But of all those complaints, the one that concerns me most is when my pets take over the bed. You see, I have a king size bed, which seems crazy (again) for just one person. And I’d agree if I was the only being sleeping on it. After all, I’m not a big tosser-turner. I pretty much stay in one place most of the night, all the way to the side, which apparently is inviting to my menagerie. Hence, I’ve never slept alone since age 27, when I married.

Every night Wally crates himself next to the bed while the rest of the troop piles on (other than Savannah who prefers to sleep solo). But first I have to give Skip a lift even though he’s perfectly capable of jumping up. He successfully feigns his ineptness until I stand behind him and count, one…two…three…JUMP! I pretend to lift him although he actually leaps on his own. Hmmm…maybe Skip’s not so perfect after all and I’ve just confirmed I am indeed crazy.

Sam Smith, Stay With Me (Live) - Stripped (Vevo LIFT UK), In the Lonely Hour

Anyway, when I hurt my back last year, I considered getting a bed where the back rises so I can write, read and watch TV without propping myself up with pillows. My bed is 15-years-old. But a Sleep Number bed always feels like new (adjustable air chambers inside a mattress) and my Tempur-Pedic pillow top is divine. But lying down was uncomfortable on my back so sleeping propped up meant using one of those goofy looking backrest pillows with arms.

Pillow cushion

So I started looking at new beds but the choices were endless and I’m not one who is especially decisive. For instance, they have the beds that split down the middle so you and your significant other can be at different heights when sitting up. They also have half splits — I guess so you don’t feel like you’re falling through the bed if you sleep in the middle. They have multiple cushion tops to choose from, from 2″ to 7″. Some beds vibrate. Others, like hospital beds, elevate the feet and knees. Too many choices for an indecisive person.


After seeing them, I went home to think about it. That night I realized I couldn’t buy the full split since Callie sleeps next to me, smack in the middle.

Callie on bed

Please don’t split the bed

I couldn’t get one where the foot of the bed rises because that would scare Dash and Jack, who sleep down there.

Jack and Dash hugging

Don’t even think of moving us

I couldn’t use the main feature I wanted — the sitting-up feature —because Taffy, Oliver and Skip sleep near or on my pillow. How would all that work? But after sleeping propped up that night with my backrest pillow, I decided to keep the bed I have. It really wasn’t that I couldn’t decide (although I sorta couldn’t). Mainly I knew it wouldn’t work for my pets. Can you believe that?

So to validate what you’re thinking: Yes, it’s likely I’m crazy.

I'm crazy

6 thoughts on “Yes, It’s Likely I’m crazy.

  1. Amen to that! I’ve got Pierre Louie right now sleeping between my legs because he feels secure. I can’t move.
    I can go on further. I have to sleep in my mom‘s bedroom right now since she passed away because of her cat. He can’t be alone. I have to divide my time between my upstairs cats and my downstairs cats. Shall I go on? That’s just the beginning. I think your story is very heartwarming. Just think where they’d be without you. Sometimes I wonder if I didn’t have all of my kitties in the house, if I’d be lonely. I think I would. Especially during times like these. With my mom gone now, which is always a blessing because I don’t think she could’ve lived through something like because of all her visits to the ER in the hospital, plus on top of that should be worth stuff about me going out, I have the security of my kitties and plenty to do to keep me busy around here. These are hard times and our pets make them bearable.
    God bless you, Janet, for being such a kind soul. If everybody rescued on this planet and was responsible with space/neuter and kind to their pets, it would be a world without worry and sorrow for any pets. We could be guaranteed they were all taken care of. I wish I could live to see that day.

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