A Slow Learner

I’m sitting here with my laptop actually on my lap while Wally sleeps on the ottoman. Thoughtful of him to let me have some of it, don’t you think? Anyway, you probably notice his belly band (aka diaper). Not exactly stylish but Amazon lost my order of fashionable diapers for him and Taffy, my other pup who also struggles with the concept of peeing outside.Having said that, I do have 2 other pups who recognized long ago that canines peeing in the garden is the preferable urinary etiquette expected by dog guardians who enjoy their home being pee-free. Two out of 4. Humm. Where did I go wrong?

Skip grooming Callie. My 2 diaperless pups

In my defense, Wally and Taffy were rescues who I suspect had bathroom issues prior to gullible me believing the check mark in the box on their surrender forms asking their guardians, “Is your dog potty trained?” Boy did I fall for that one.As I stated in a previous post, Taffy’s owners mentioned she was pee-pad trained because they weren’t home much. Trouble is, they neglected to mention she’s adept at missing the pad. By a lot. And not just pee, I’m afraid. And Wally? I’ve come to the conclusion he’s simply a copycat. I imagine him thinking, if SHE does it, it must be okay.

I know what you’re thinking and yes, I’ve tried all sorts of methods to get them to do their business other than inside. I have a large backyard filled with bushes, trees, all kinds of shrubs. It’s a smorgasbord of inviting places for them to freely eliminate — a pups playground for peeing. And on occasion they do what’s expected, especially on walks. But Taffy’s MO is to hold it until she’s back inside. Go figure.

Back from her walk so it’s time to pee

I’ve coaxed them into the backyard to a great spot where, if I were a dog, I couldn’t resist peeing. I’m sure my neighbors have heard me say, ad nauseam, “Pee, Wally. Go pee, Taffy.” Instead, they simply stare up at me with quizzical looks that say…I’ve even resorted to bribery by promising them treats if they do their business outside. Since I honor my promises, and they recognize the word ‘treat’ quite well, they know exactly what awaits once they tinkle in nature. So after breakfast and then dinner, they rush to the door like a herd of wild horses, leaping and spinning in excitement for what’s to come. I’m not entirely sure wild horses spin, but you get my drift.

leaping horse 2

Just like this only not as graceful.

My other 2 mutts follow suit, not about to miss out on treats. They gladly pee under the lemon tree even though I saw them do it minutes before. And you can bet they make sure I’m watching, otherwise how will I know to give them a treat? Callie and Skip are no dummies.

Feeling rather good about themselves

Now don’t get me wrong; Wally’s and Taffy’s denseness doesn’t make me love them less; they’re just a tad more challenging. I hear that’s character-building. Well, I’d think by now I’d have character gushing from my ears, wouldn’t you? I have, however, learned a couple things, although not in time to save my wool area rugs: I learned to never give up trying to get through to them (miracles do happen); I learned to put plastic runners under the pee-pads for when Taffy misses; I learned to keep their diapers on them until they’re outside.

She’s not lovin’ the diaper look

But mostly I learned, like Taffy and Wally, that I am a slow learner.

Their new normal

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