A Day of Thanks

So here we are 3 days after Thanksgiving and I’m not feeling even a tad bit sorry I essentially hibernated the whole day. Well, except to walk the dogs. Other than that, I had a glorious indoor day all to myself…unless you count my 9 pets and a feral foster kitten who hates me.

You see, with Covid-19, I opted to heed warnings about not congregating with anyone outside my immediate household. Hence, my menagerie and I had a pleasantly quiet Thanksgiving — sans my barking dogs alerting me to every person strolling by. And as it turns out, there were droves of strollers.

Although I wasn’t with family or friends this year, I actually enjoyed the day. Now don’t get me wrong; I’m not anti-social and I love the aforementioned dearly, but it was nice not to NEED to be somewhere or HAVE to do one single thing if I didn’t want to. And I didn’t want to. Thus, commenced a guilt-free day all to myself.

Often lately I feel like a rat obsessively running on a wheel, round and round until collapsing in exhaustion. I guess many of you can relate. Busy is my middle name and although I prefer to be, sometimes ya just gotta decompress, you know what I mean?

Enter Thanksgiving.

I put my phone off to the side and almost forgot I had one. That in itself is astounding. I had soup for breakfast. Yes, soup. My latest favorite is spicy cauliflower — low carb, low fat and delish (even though it may not look appetizing).

After breakfast I spent very little time on my computer answering emails. Then I pulled out my sad and lonely to-do list I’ve ignored for months. Where should I start? Decisions, decisions. Don’t laugh, as this isn’t going to sound very Thanksgiving-like, but I chose to shampoo my area rugs — a first for me on Thanksgiving.

You know my history with Taffy, my diaper-wearing mutt who has an aversion to peeing outside, and when not clad in her stylish absorbent attire, tends to miss her pee pad. I swear, if she wasn’t so dang adorable I’d be more frustrated with her. But she arrived a bit damaged so now her burden is mine.

Taffy thinks peeing near the pee pad is close enough. She doesn’t realize CLOSE only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. But this time I wised up and put plastic under the pee pad. Why I didn’t do that way sooner is beyond me. But you know what Einstein said:

I plead insanity.

After that exciting chore I headed upstairs to my converted workout room where I have a weight lifting bench I ordered many years ago. The assembly directions arrived in Chinese with around 117 nuts and bolts (or so it seems). Therefore, my bench is a dust collector until I find a translator or learn Chinese.

But the Total Gym I bought 6 months ago was my main focus. Yes, it took the better part of 2 hours to put together but the point is, it’s finally done!

Except for those extras they include for die-hard exercisers. Will I really use those? I think not.

Later I took the dogs for a walk; binge-watched the TV sitcom, Schitt’s Creek; stuffed myself on my turkey-less Thanksgiving dinner; tried unsuccessfully to interact with my feral foster kitten who hates me; and ended the night reading in bed surrounded by my furry family.

All in all, a day of thanks.

8 thoughts on “A Day of Thanks

  1. It sounds like an absolutely perfect day-especially the cauliflower soup!
    Horseshoes and hand grenades. 👏😂🤣😅😆

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