My Sandal Saga

I bought a pair of sandals nearly a million years ago but should have bought 2 pairs. Because as often happens with things I like, Teva discontinued these casual cuties even though they’re the more feminine of the Teva selections and everyone I know who wears them loves them. Comfortable and cute yet functional. C’est la vie!

Anyway, now that you know this, I recently wore them to Sonoma where Sharon, Pam and Sue joined me at a gorgeous 20-acre vineyard in the hills above the town square. I’d relocated 4 feral cats there and now it was time to remove their cages.

The cats’ view. Not too shabby

First we decided to have lunch in town on this scorching but beautiful day. We quickly learned we should have made reservations as apparently it was still tourist season. Live and learn. So we began to walk the square looking for a restaurant without a wait.

And that’s when it happened. My beloved Teva sandals melted on the blistering hot pavement right in front of the girl and the fig. Yes, that’s right. It was so hot, the glue bonding the soles to the insoles simply parted ways.

Next thing I knew, my well-worn sandals flopped open with every step. They literally became flip-flops. So I resorted to sliding them along the sidewalk without raising them, which looks ridiculous but is harder than you might imagine. Try it, you’ll see. Anyway, my so-called friends shook their heads and rolled their eyes. But going barefoot meant a possible visit to the ER with second degree burns. (Not exactly in my day’s plan.)

So Sharon, the problem solver, disappeared into a boutique only to emerge with 2 thick rubber bands to bind my soles, so to speak. Sadly, they lasted mere steps before they, too, broke. Or rather, disintegrated. But as luck would have it, we stood just feet away from of a less than full Himalayan restaurant. Yum.

Sharon being inventive

We enjoyed our lunch, then walked to the nearest shoe store. Well actually, my friends walked while I hopped barefoot from one patch of shade to the next. No more sliding for me. After I bought a pair of non-melting sandals, we stopped to visit General Vallejo. He sat motionless, politely listening while I shared my sandal saga. Then the gals and I headed for the vineyard.

Near the top of the hill we rounded a corner and spotted what can only be defined as a shoe tree. Dozens of shoes hung from its many branches. What are the odds?! Needless to say, I couldn’t resist. Before I could change my mind I grabbed my sandals, jumped out of the car and found a final resting place for my Teva’s. My friends, unable to politely contain their laughter in my time of grief, took photos. Yes, parting is such sweet sorrow.

At the vineyard, after loading the SUV with equipment, we were invited to pick as much fruit as we could carry. Talk about kids in a candy store. Rows of apple trees, plum, nectarine, peach, avocado, pear…you name it, we picked it. All except grapes. Then we headed out from this gorgeous property where 4 lucky ferals will live the good life.

Now don’t get me wrong. You didn’t really think I’d let my beloved million year old sandals spend the rest of eternity hanging from that tree, did you? NEVER! Needless to say, I stopped on the way out and plucked my Teva’s from those branches.

Come to Mama

Back home, I found my superbly indestructible Gorilla Glue and promptly sealed those babies back together. Now absolutely nothing can break that bond, literally and figuratively. In fact, I recently wore my Teva’s on a walk. Felt just like taking a stroll with a comfortable old friend.

Not my first time breaking sandals, but that’s another story

2 thoughts on “My Sandal Saga

  1. HaHa, that was so funny!! Such a fun day, and I’ll NEVER forget rounding that turn and seeing of all things “a shoe tree”!

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