One of my besties, Sue, was born in July, 12 days after me. Being slightly younger, this is something she reminds me of each year. Since I’ve known her for 48 years, that’s a lot of reminding, don’t you think? Anyway, we’re both about to be 64, so as the more mature one, I let the youngster tease me. You see, Sue likes to laugh and since it’s on my Favorite Things To Do list, we get along quite well.

Susan AAA

The youngster

To celebrate being one year closer to collecting Social Security, becoming a member of AARP, and taking an interest in commercials promising to disguise age spots, we decided to treat each other to dinner in the city and see the musical, Beautiful. I arranged for us to have dinner at my tennis friend’s restaurant, Hayes Street Grille, and also found some nice seats in the orchestra section at Golden Gate Theater.Beautiful musical

Because I’m directionally challenged, I used the Waze app to find a parking garage between the restaurant and the theater so we could park, then walk to both. Oh, and I also drove us there. I’m sure you’re wondering what Sue did. I can answer that…NOTHING, that’s what. Not a damn thing. But hey, as her elder I’m used to taking care of her, you know? Continue reading

Creatures of Habit

habit quote

We’re all creatures of habit, don’t you think?

Now don’t get me wrong; I’m sure some unique souls out there don’t have routines, but I don’t know of any. Do you? I do, however, know myself and my animals. I can predict what they’ll do even before they do it because, well, it’s habit.

I’m no exception with routines. For instance, in the shower I first wash my hair, then my body. Wouldn’t occur to me to do it in reverse. Without fail, I put on my left sock before my right. I floss my upper teeth before my lower. It’s a habit for me to forget my bags when I grocery shop. Every. Single. Time.

shopping bags

Forgotten in the door of my car

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One for the Memory Chest

I received a call last week from Chris who has over 70 acres in the hills 10 miles from me. He and his wife are interested in getting feral cats as mousers for this, their second home with an upstart vineyard, enormous house, big red barn, a flourishing garden, a pool and pool house. In a word: the place is a dream. Yes, I’m aware that’s five words. But come on, it’s too incredible to warrant just one.


Anyway, the vineyard is isolated almost 3 miles off the main road, winding along seemingly endless pastureland. It was then that it occurred to me this could be a setup. I hadn’t told anyone where I was going and who knows what awaited at the end of that gravel road?

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Eight is Enough

So I’m at Berkeley Humane Society a couple weeks ago picking up cat food they donated to my nonprofit when a little black dog, happy as all get-out, walked by and immediately caught my eye; he’s the type of dog I’ve been looking for. Not that I need another dog. I should think 3 is enough. And it is. But
Berkeley humane
My Greyhound is over 11 now and being that she’s not in the greatest health, I thought I’d keep my eyes open for a small dog to add to my animal family since Nellie may not be with us much longer. I’m a firm believer in things are meant to be and that day was no exception.
Nellie at park

Nellie in her prime

I ask you, what are the odds I’d be at the Berkeley Humane Society that day (where I’d never been) and their volunteer was walking a Dachshund-mix (exactly the dog I had in mind) by my car at the exact moment I drove up? Now don’t get me wrong; I didn’t jump out and adopt him right then, if that’s what your thinking. I’m not THAT impulsive.

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Why I’ll Never Remarry: I Don’t Have the Closet Space

So one morning last week I’m rifling through my closet for a shirt. Rifling is probably not the correct lingo since my closets are fuller than Kylie Jenner’s lips. This fact sorta inhibits my ability to see all the clothing I own, making it extremely convenient to forget what’s hiding in my closet.

Kylie Jenner


What I’m trying to say here is I have a LOT of clothes. An awful lot. Apparently I tend to buy things but don’t often get rid of those things, even years later. Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not a hoarder if that’s what you’re thinking. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. But clutter makes me anxious unless it’s out of sight. So closets are perfect places to be a closeted hoarder, so to speak.

The problem is, I don’t like 90% of my clothing. I have absolutely no fashion sense like some of my friends. For instance, Pam and Sue always look put-together, you know what I mean? They have quality clothing that drapes their bodies as though sewn specifically for them. It doesn’t hurt that they have awesome figures. Even Polyester would look wonderful on them.

sue hook2

Stylish Sue

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