A Leap of Faith

So I’ve been writing my Sunday blog for exactly a year now and I’ve learned something: I made a mistake when I started. And what might that be? Well, for some reason I thought I needed to post 5 blogs all at once to kick off Now Don’t Get Me Wrong. But I was wrong.

Turns out literally 10 people saw the 4 blogs following my first post. I presumed folks would be so enthralled with my writing, they’d read beyond the first one. Again, wrong. If you weren’t one of the devoted 10, I forgive you. Now here’s your chance to redeem yourself… 

While my three friends and I huddled on the cold steel floor of the single engine Cessna, I struggled to remember what possessed me to want to hurl myself from an airborne metal tube. Now don’t get me wrong; I’m not crazy. At least I think I’m not. But still, I seriously questioned my sanity while checking my parachute pack for the tenth time. My curiosity was not based on its technical construction but simply to confirm that it was still on my back. Continue reading