An Unusual Gift

I received the most unusual and unexpected gift last week from someone I’ve never met. She knows me from the work I do with feral cats and is a friend of a friend. So why did she give me a gift? Be patient, I’m getting there…


Hold your horses

In this line of work, meaning TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return), I meet some interesting folks. Let’s just say not all of them particularly like cats. Some downright hate ’em. But then not everyone is perfect, right? Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying if you don’t like cats you’re a sociopath. But my guess is you’re probably close.

Anyway, my friend was telling this gift-giving person about my encounters with these as- yet-undiagnosed sociopaths. They’re the characters who not only make this work interesting, unpredictable and a little bit scary, but have taught me I should learn self defense. Like yesterday already. I’ve intended to take classes for about 10 years now but have I done it? Intended is the operative word there.

self defense2

Take THAT you cat hater

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Animal Rescue — My Cuppa Tea

105I just received my 105th feral foster kitten. I know, crazy, huh? Before I started Marin Friends of Ferals in 2009, I was mostly a dog person. Now don’t get me wrong; I love all animals. But dogs were more my cuppa tea. Or so I thought.

In 2005 I noticed a large colony of unaltered, hungry feral cats on a hillside. I thought — Hey, someone should do something about that. Then I realized I was that someone. So I learned to trap these often nocturnal animals to have them altered and vaccinated.

I’m here to tell ya, this work generally means crawling through bushes, shimmying under decks, wading through creeks, venturing into drainage pipes — all mostly at night by flashlight. In other words, I was made for this. Continue reading