Animal Rescue — My Cuppa Tea

105I just received my 105th feral foster kitten. I know, crazy, huh? Before I started Marin Friends of Ferals in 2009, I was mostly a dog person. Now don’t get me wrong; I love all animals. But dogs were more my cuppa tea. Or so I thought.

In 2005 I noticed a large colony of unaltered, hungry feral cats on a hillside. I thought — Hey, someone should do something about that. Then I realized I was that someone. So I learned to trap these often nocturnal animals to have them altered and vaccinated.

I’m here to tell ya, this work generally means crawling through bushes, shimmying under decks, wading through creeks, venturing into drainage pipes — all mostly at night by flashlight. In other words, I was made for this.

Here we are 10 years later, a nonprofit currently rescuing cat number 2246 for TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return). We help feed over a hundred ferals each month and also foster and socialize feral kittens for adoption. Thus far we’ve helped 698 find cozy family homes. No more living in the wild for these felines.

Fostering feral kittens is what I imagine being a grandparent is like: you take them for a short while, spoil them with toys and treats then give them back. All the benefits without any of the responsibility. Sorta right down my alley.

I named my current foster Gilbert. I only name them when I’m certain they’ll become domestic. It’s somehow harder for me to release them back in the wild with names. Gilbert only took 4 days to become attached to my lap. Now he’s like Gorilla Glue; I can’t shake him.

Gilbert lap napping

Gilbert lap napping

Whenever I pet him, he sees that as an invitation to make his way to my head where he plops himself down. I’m not opposed to wearing hats but I don’t look good in cat. Don’t have the right head shape for it.

I’m partial to orange cats and this tyke with his pale blue/green eyes is quite the looker. I have to tell myself not to get attached because my own 3 cats are plenty. Of this I’m almost certain. And with 3 dogs, I already have enough trouble keeping myself fur-free.

Dodo bird, that's not how a printer works

Dodo bird, that’s not how a printer works

There’s actually no perfect color of clothing for me because my animals’ fur encompasses many color zones: white, black, red, buff, orange and gray. So at any given time I’m wearing fur like it’s an hair

Can you believe the other day a friend actually plucked fur off my face? It was either that or one of those wiry lady chin hairs; I can’t be certain. Anyway, I’m a walking hairball.

Back to fostering…there’s nothing like bringing home a frightened kitten who’s hissing and spitting at me with ears as flat as the Flying Nun’s cornette, then watching his transformation.

Sally Field in The Flying Nun

Sally Field in The Flying Nun

Each kitten is different; some I need to ignore until they stop seeing me as the devil incarnate. Others I carry around the house in my homemade sling. Some I can feed from my hand on the second day or release from the holding cage on the third, like Gilbert.

Here, kitty kitty...

Here, kitty kitty…

Best of all is the day when they gaze at me with affection, knowing I won’t hurt them; that I’m the good guy. That’s my favorite time, when that kitten becomes adoptable. Then I bring home my next prospect and start all over again.

Playing in the garbage can

The joys of a garbage can

Animal rescue comes with many emotional challenges; it’s often physically and mentally draining. In fact, sometimes I think I just might lose my mind. But I suppose that would be a fair trade because it’s also where I found my soul.


Some of our rescues:

Caught under a backyard deck

Living under a backyard deck

Trapped under an apartment building

Stuck under an apartment building

Found off a freeway rest stop

Found at a freeway rest stop

Took 7 hours to rescue from a sub-basement

Took 7 hours to rescue from a sub-basement

Living behind a restaurant

Living behind a restaurant

Mom left in a woodpile

Mom left in a woodpile

Found hiding in poison oak, of which I'm allergic

Found hiding in poison oak

13 thoughts on “Animal Rescue — My Cuppa Tea

    • You will still be helping us, Gina, because I’ll drag you along with me. We may have walkers and those thick old lady shoes and we probably won’t remember why we’re out there but we’ll still be out there!

  1. OMG, were your ears ringing?? Just last night I was speaking to my neighbor about you and how doing this fills you up and keeps you busy. It’s hard to describe your passion to others, but here it is, all said so nicely in your blog. Congratulations on 10 years !! Marin County and surrounding area is lucky to have you Janet. 💞💖💕

    • Thanks Sharon….I feel a bit guilty because doing this is not entirely unselfish. I get just as much from it as I give. I suppose it’s an even trade….

    • I know, it’s hard to believe 10 years have gone by since that first feral sighting. Speaking of pet hair, in our match on Friday, I noticed my black vest was covered in it. But I wore it anyway….

  2. Love your posts! Do you remember Frances
    Grant from elementary & Jr. High? She runs a kitty rescue out of Rohnert Park. Maybe you can team up…. She is Fran Laws now…….

    • Hi Toni! Yes, I remember Frances. That’s interesting she’s in Rohnert Park doing similar work. I haven’t heard of her rescue. If you have her contact info, please send otherwise I’ll look her up. Thanks!

  3. Hi, Janet!

    I, too, am partial to orange cats. 🙂 I am so encouraged by all that you do. We hear so many awful stories about cruel people, that it’s wonderful and heartening to hear about someone almost obsessed with good deeds!



  4. Thanks Janet I love your photos and flying nun picture. What would this world do with out you. I wish there were more Janet so do the cats. Lol Happy New Year!!!!

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