No Place Like Home

Re-posted from 2013.

I love to travel, experience different cultures, see how the rest of the world lives. There are many fascinating places I want to visit before I become too decrepit in mind, body or spirit to pack my suitcase. But I also enjoy vacationing in the good-old-USA. Even northern California offers so much that I sometimes wonder why I venture anywhere else.

Recently, I went to Spain, where my godson Eric is a college exchange student in San Sebastian. Talk about a picturesque place. He lives just a couple blocks from La Concha Beach, with golden sand like superfine sugar.

La Concha Beach La Concha Beach

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Bursting Your Bubble

nycI’m planning another trip, this time to NYC. But after what I read recently — an article about confessions from commercial airline pilots and flight attendants — I’m not looking forward to boarding that huge metal tube. I couldn’t resist reading it though, and now, like someone who had extra whipped cream on her hot fudge sundae, I’m regretting fudge sundaeIf you’re planning a trip that requires flying, you may want to skip my blog this week. Now don’t get me wrong; I don’t want to completely burst your bubble about how awesome it is to take flight. So I’ll just poke it a little. bursting bubble Continue reading