Are You Kidding Me?

As you probably know by now, I find many things to be ridiculous. As long as humans roam the earth, there will always be a steady supply of ridiculousness to blog about. Being imperfect souls, we do stupid, sometimes repugnant, often perplexing things that make me scratch my head and saykidding meBILL COSBY

Come on people! If anyone out there still has the slightest doubt he’s a sexual predator disguised in the body of a successful comedian, something is probably seriously wrong with them.

To date, 52 women have accused Cosby of sexual assault. That’s 52! Does the district attorney think all those women conspired to frame the man? If so, the DA obviously doesn’t know women. It’s tough enough to get 12 ladies to show up for Bunco once a month, let alone have 52 conspire to ruin a person’s life. buncoBesides, last month Cosby admitted that he did in fact drug women to have sex with them. Am I mistaken or isn’t that called rape?

So Long, Pervert

So long, pervert

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