Our New But Used Catmobile

A couple weeks ago, the KIA SUV we use in our nonprofit went to that big multi-level parking garage in heaven when it literally blew a gasket. Yep, it became a worthless hunk of metal after lasting us a mere 60,000 miles. Barely time to get acquainted. I ask you, was that meager performance worthy of a place in heaven?

Anyway, being without a vehicle to carry the ferals, traps, shelters,and re-homing equipment made me feel like a fish out of water, to sneak in a metaphor. Sadly, I’m not original enough to make up one of my own but I’ll try: It made me feel like pasta without sauce.

So the hunt was on. And fast. The phone seemed to ring continually with people needing help. One wanted feral mousers ASAP. One needed a shelter, another a trap to help an injured cat. The pressure was mounting. So I spent hours on the internet searching for a used SUV with low miles and the potential to last 200,000 more.

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