Never Be a Bragger

MTC photo

Marin Tennis Club

So last week I’m playing tennis at the club when I notice 2 of the 4 of us are wearing Rolex watches. Now don’t get me wrong; I wasn’t one of them. To be honest, I don’t think I’ve owned a watch over $75.

I may live in a rich county but by no means am I wealthy, unless you count being rich with friends. (The best kind of rich, if you ask me.) Anyway, I’m not implying folks who wear Rolex watches are rolling in the dough. But let’s just say those who can afford a watch that might cost more than a Prius probably don’t have budget concerns.













Anyway, my first thought was of how nervous I’d be to wear a Rolex (if in my next life I own one) because I’ve been known to be klutzy. With my dumb luck, no doubt I’d shatter my precious timepiece, requiring me to spend the equivalent of a Ford Fiesta to repair it.

Better yet, I’d somehow lose my precious watch, thereby putting all my hope in it being found by an honest human with a conscience. In other words, bye-bye Rolex.


To return to my Rolex-wearing friends, their watches were, in a word, gorgeous. Just as they should be, right? So I bragged, “Ladies, check out my Timex. I’ve had it for 8 years, have never had to change the battery and it keeps perfect time.”

I show them my simulated gold and silver watch that I honestly really like. Best of all, it doesn’t twirl around my tiny wrist like a hula-hoop. Also, and I’m not embarrassed to say this, it only cost $15. Actually, I think it’s rather amazing that something so inexpensive can be that dependable, don’t you?

My Timex

My beat-up, 8-year-old $15 watch

Anyway, we continued with our tennis game and I’m happy to report nobody broke or lost their Rolex. The next day I played tennis again. (I know, I have a rough life, right?) That’s when I noticed my watch said 9:45 a.m. when the tennis club clock said 10:00 a.m.

oh no

Here I went and jinxed my watch by bragging about its reliability. Isn’t that always the case? What are the odds that 8 years after I buy my cheapo but exceptionally dependable Timex it decides to slow to a crawl the moment I give it accolades? Serves me right. So I advanced the hands to their proper positions and went about my day, totally forgetting Ms. Timex was now slow as molasses in January.

That evening I had an event to attend with some friends. I’m one of those people who constantly look at her watch because I hate being late. Unless it’s fashionably late, then that’s a different story. I planned to meet my friends in town at 4:30 (a 10 minute drive) before heading to San Francisco.

san francisco

SF here we come!

According to Ms. Timex I had plenty of time after tennis to read and send emails, watch a program I DVR’d then take the dogs for a walk.

At 3:15 I moseyed upstairs to shower and leisurely get ready for the night. After all, I had an hour before needing to scoot. And that’s when I noticed the digital clock on my nightstand read 3:45. It’s also the precise moment I recalled my watch battery was terminal.


Needless to say, I set a personal record showering, drying and styling my hair, applying a touch of makeup, getting dressed and feeding 7 animals — all within 45 minutes, including the drive to town. Hey, I’m not saying I didn’t look thrown together. (Hence, no photos of me.)

Lesson learned: Never be a bragger. It always backfires.


Except when you brag about it

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