Eight is Enough

So I’m at Berkeley Humane Society a couple weeks ago picking up cat food they donated to my nonprofit when a little black dog, happy as all get-out, walked by and immediately caught my eye; he’s the type of dog I’ve been looking for. Not that I need another dog. I should think 3 is enough. And it is. But
Berkeley humane
My Greyhound is over 11 now and being that she’s not in the greatest health, I thought I’d keep my eyes open for a small dog to add to my animal family since Nellie may not be with us much longer. I’m a firm believer in things are meant to be and that day was no exception.
Nellie at park

Nellie in her prime

I ask you, what are the odds I’d be at the Berkeley Humane Society that day (where I’d never been) and their volunteer was walking a Dachshund-mix (exactly the dog I had in mind) by my car at the exact moment I drove up? Now don’t get me wrong; I didn’t jump out and adopt him right then, if that’s what your thinking. I’m not THAT impulsive.

No, I waited until the next day. He/she was still on my mind and although I didn’t know he was a he, I decided the dog looked like a Wally. So the next morning I called my friend Sue and we headed over the bridge to meet Wally. And what a little doll.
Wally in backyard

Meet Wally

The paperwork at the shelter listed him as 2 years old. The actual adoption papers said 10 months. Ugh…a puppy. And here I swore I was done with those. But you can’t question what’s meant to be, right? So after spending time with Wally I decided he’d fit into my animal family just fine, thank you very much, and I headed home.
everything happens for a reason3
Turns out Wally is a bit nervous in cars. That nervousness translates into excessive drooling. I’m talking Bernese Mountain dog drool. Poor Sue was holding Wally and although he didn’t shake or whimper, his drooling started the moment I started the car.

Like this times 10

You should have seen Sue’s left arm and side of her jeans. They were literally drenched in drool. We used 5 thick Chipotle napkins to soak it up and even those weren’t enough. Then, the second we parked at Marin Humane Society to buy Wally a collar and leash, he threw up at Sue’s feet. Did I mention she was wearing sandals? So it appears riding in cars will not be one of Wally’s favorite pastimes.
Sue close up

Exceedingly good-natured Sue

Once at home, I introduced my 3 dogs and Wally while on a walk with Sue. It went exceptionally well. Wally loved each and every one of them, as it appears he does most living things.
wally and jack in backyard

Love at first sight for Jackie and Wally

Skip, on the other hand, is still sizing up this new creature who took his ranking as runt of the group. But I’ve no doubt they will be besties by October. It also turns out Wally adores cats – a prerequisite in my house. He and Jackie chase and nuzzle each other like a couple teenagers.
skip in backyard

Skip wondering if the new intruder is staying long

Oh, another thing; Wally isn’t potty trained, one of the joys of puppyhood. I discovered this 5 minutes after bringing him home. To make up for all the fluid he lost on the ride, Wally drank enough water to fill a kiddie pool. All that water had to emerge somewhere. And it did. (Four times in 30 minutes.) Even after multiple trips to the backyard.
wally in bellyband again

Wearing a belly-band just in case…

So as you can see, the next couple weeks will be interesting (and no doubt entertaining) watching Wally find his place with Nellie, Callie, Skip, Oliver, Savannah, Tippy and Jackie. As for me and my furry family, I can finally say EIGHT IS ENOUGH. You don’t believe me, do you?
wally on keyboard 5

Either he’s near-sighted or just loves my writing. I’m going with the latter

3 thoughts on “Eight is Enough

  1. You are the bomb for adopting and doing all the rescue. Wally is a perfect fit and such a cute name Love all the stories.

  2. Oh my goodness, Wally is adorable!! With that little look tugging at your heart strings, I knew you couldn’t pass him up. Congratulations to you and your new member of the family. And to Sue – what a trouper!

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