Life with Little Fur Ballsi

Undeniably adorable Undeniably adorable

For the past 3 weeks I’ve been fostering 2 active kittens until their ringworm disappears. And now I remember why I don’t have kittens. Now don’t get me wrong; I love the little fur balls. They’re undeniably adorable, right? But they’re kittens. And I’d say the operative word in my first sentence is ACTIVE.luck of the drawI don’t know if it’s luck of the draw or what, but of all the kittens I’ve fostered thus far, and these 2 make 84, none of them were quite as rambunctious as the duo I’m currently housing. Of course, most of my fosters are feral so their primary goal in life is to avoid me if at all possible. Domestics, like Mindy and Beau, are a whole other ball game.

Regardless, maybe there’s something in the air, a change of seasons bringing on hyperactivity in these little ones. I can’t say. All I know is attempting to get any semblance of work done is not only a challenge to my patience and perseverance, it’s just about way

My go-to phrase these past weeks has been: You’re so damn cute but you’re also a pain in the ass. Then I give them each a kiss, take them off my shoulders for the 900th time and go back to my keyboard. This is when I need a laptop so I can get the heck out of Dodge. But that would make me a bad foster mom, right? You see, I can’t let them out of my office because they might transmit ringworm to my other animals. So here we stay…get-out-of-dodge

When I’m saying my go-to phrase, usually Mindy is standing on my keyboard. Sometimes Beau joins her. Other times they separate and conquer; one unties then tugs the shoestring of my tennis shoe while the other sits 2 inches from my monitor, following the movement of the cursor and impeding any view I might have of said monitor.

Reading my blog Reading my blog

In fact, I took Mindy off my keyboard (probably for the 137th time) while I typed that last sentence. I kid you not. So until I corrected her missteps, that last sentence looked like this: ls0s0’ed; gjgpopa 3988ldl.,,,d98ahjkhe.

The thing you need to know about Mindy is that she’s persistent in expressing her love and adoration of yours truly. Truth be told, she simply doesn’t get the concept of sit and stay. I remove her little black furry self off my lap, shoulder, head and neck more times each day than I care to recount. But does that thwart her attempt to climb right back on? Ha! What a silly question.

Epitome of persistence Epitome of persistence

Lest you actually do think I’m a bad foster mom, I’ll have you know I’ve supplied them with every toy known to cats. I even got them that mechanical thing-a-ma-jig, anything to give me a moments peace. You know the toy with the hidden mouse that goes round and round under a circular cover? They loved it. Then they broke it. It took them about 27 minutes. So I bought another one. That one lasted around an hour. I have to admit, spending $40 for an hour and 27 minutes of uninterrupted typing was well worth it.

To be honest, if I didn’t have a laser pointer I wouldn’t have finished this blog, albeit with one hand for most of it. While I typed with my right, the left randomly flashed the laser around the room and up the walls while Mindy and Beau frantically pursued it with exhilarated gusto. Exhausted, they finally collapsed into nap time. It was my most productive 15 minutes of the day. Then they woke up.

Such is life with little fur balls.

Gotcha! Gotcha!
Finally asleep sweet dreams

Originally posted in October, 2014. But I’m still fostering kittens…


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