A Glass Half Full (Or All’s Well That Ends Well)

I’m one who tends to believe in omens, signs of what’s to come. Granted, many omens tend to be perceived as hints of bad stuff awaiting, at least for those who see the glass half empty. For the glass half full kind of people, their interpretation may come from a more positive perspective.

I’m generally a glass half full kind of gal. If something bad happens, I don’t automatically jump to the conclusion my day or the entire week is shot to hell. But when New Year’s Day began, it had me questioning the fullness of my glass.

That morning I rushed around before meeting friends for Pam’s birthday hike, followed by lunch. Then little things started happening. Now don’t get me wrong; I have a nice life with little to complain about. But since I’ll jump at any opportunity to have blog material, today you’re reading about my questionable start to the new year.

It started in the shower when I forgot my cream rinse. That magical hair-calming cream forbids my frocks from frizzing in frigid weather. (Try saying that fast 3 times.) But I thought, no big deal, my friends won’t care if I look like Little Orphan Annie.

Then I had another wrestling match with my contacts. The left contact went in like a champ but the right one refused. They’re ridiculously thin and practically invisible so you don’t want to drop one. But I did.

Like a blind person, I felt around the bathroom counter until I finally touched something slimy. Gotcha! So I tried again but the contact bent in half on my eyeball. I took it out, reinserted it, but this time it was inverted. MANY minutes later I got it in, thankful I wouldn’t be wearing specs on our hike.

I then went out to my BMW for something. But nothing happened when I pushed my keyless entry remote. Dead battery I suppose. Luckily, it has a hidden compartment so I removed the key to open the door.

I looked down at my hand and noticed it bleeding. Somehow I had acquired a half inch slice near my knuckle. No biggie. I just dabbed the blood and kept going. Then, to save time at breakfast, I microwaved steel cut oatmeal. Didn’t go well. A lot spilled over onto the turntable. But blueberries saved the day.

Since it was abnormally chilly, I layered up like an Alaskan. But my down vest developed frozen zipper syndrome, stuck as stuck can be. Got to where I thought I’d need to cut it off but finally unstuck it enough to pull it down over my hips.

I still needed to make room in my SUV since it was loaded and I’d be driving the girls. Cutting through the garage, I pressed the door opener but it only opened a foot. Completely deadsville. Because of the time I’d already wasted, I couldn’t unload the SUV so we needed to take 2 cars. But nobody cared.

On the drive there, a warning light appeared on my dashboard. I’m hoping it was an alert to the bitter cold outside (as if we didn’t already know). But that’s just conjecture. I suppose I should check it out.

Anyway, other than the restaurant being out of the lunch I ordered (avocado toast), the day was magnificent. A great hike on Pam’s birthday followed by a tasty lunch that was so good, I didn’t miss the avocado toast.

Breakfast all over again

So what started out a bit questionable eventually led to a fun day with great friends. I’d say that’s a pretty good start to the new year, wouldn’t you? You know what they say: All’s well that ends well.

Happy 2022 everyone! May it hold many blessings for you and yours.

3 thoughts on “A Glass Half Full (Or All’s Well That Ends Well)

  1. Wow! Gnarly start. Glad that the rest of the day made up for that string of frustrations.
    Happy New Year!
    Chris and The Dough

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