A Glass Half Full (Or All’s Well That Ends Well)

I’m one who tends to believe in omens, signs of what’s to come. Granted, many omens tend to be perceived as hints of bad stuff awaiting, at least for those who see the glass half empty. For the glass half full kind of people, their interpretation may come from a more positive perspective.

I’m generally a glass half full kind of gal. If something bad happens, I don’t automatically jump to the conclusion my day or the entire week is shot to hell. But when New Year’s Day began, it had me questioning the fullness of my glass.

That morning I rushed around before meeting friends for Pam’s birthday hike, followed by lunch. Then little things started happening. Now don’t get me wrong; I have a nice life with little to complain about. But since I’ll jump at any opportunity to have blog material, today you’re reading about my questionable start to the new year.

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Omens Never Lie

I believe in omens. And after what happened on New Year’s Day, I haven’t wavered on that. Here’s what happened:

I decided I was done with Christmas decorations. Time to take down the outside house lights, remove the stuffed reindeer from my porch and toss the front door wreath. Christmas lightsWhen finished there, I headed inside to gather up the overabundance of holiday crap adorning pretty much every corner of my home. I swear I could open a holiday boutique with what’s stored in my shed alone. Continue reading