Oh So Grateful

Do you know what I did today? Well, of course not. How could you?

Unless, that is, you’re stalking me. And if so, that’s creepy. Why would you be following me to the shelter to distribute my version of Hostess cupcakes? Then over to a friend’s work to offer her a few. After a quick stop at Chipotle for a veggie bowl, I head up north to one of our feral cat feeding stations to put netting around it so the crows don’t keep making off with mouthfuls of kibble.Hostess cupcakes 2

Then it’s on to Costco and Safeway to grocery shop for my sister who has trouble walking. A new volunteer needs cat food so I drop it off before heading home to walk my mutts, check emails and answer text messages. After feeding my pets and 2 foster kittens, Lassen and Posey, I make myself dinner and watch the news before sitting down to write.

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What To Do, What To Do


holy crap

Sometimes it’s Saturday afternoon and I’m not sure what I’ll write for my Sunday blog. It posts at 6:00 a.m. Sunday morning and time’s a-wastin’. That’s when panic covers me like a bad rash. I have no words (I know, rare huh?), no photos to contribute, no ideas to share. Zilch.i got nothin

I’ve been writing this blog for nearly 2 years. That means I’ve written close to 100 of them. That may not seem like many to you. But let me tell ya, when one has been running around all week chasing after tennis balls and feral cats, having to post a 600 word essay on Saturday night is, I admit, one of those rude awakening moments. Continue reading