One Precious Second

I almost died Wednesday night.

To put it more succinctly, someone almost killed me. I’d call it murder but I suppose in a court of law it would constitute manslaughter. None-the-less, I might be dead if it weren’t for a red Fiat and one precious second.

please tell me more

I was checking emails at 7:30 p.m. when I received notice saying some bozo had stolen one of our feral cat feeding stations and food bowls. The cats also needed more food. So I grabbed the pertinent items and headed out for the 10 minute drive up the freeway…until I realized I’d forgotten the feeding station. Typical me. So I headed back to my garage where the station was sitting in plain sight. Impossible for me to miss although somehow I’d managed.

forgotten something

Once I entered the freeway, a red 2-seater Fiat convertible flew past me. The top was down and 3 young gals were squeezed in, one obviously without a seat belt. Or a seat. Surprisingly, a police cruiser drove right by them. Must have been quittin’ time because 3 long-haired blonds speeding in a convertible are kinda hard to miss.


Insert 3 crazy gals

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Thank You, Guardian Angels

I have a guardian angel, maybe even two. No doubt my mom is one. She died 9 years ago and even though I was 48 at the time, she still worried about me. When she knew I’d be out late she would say, “Be careful driving home, sweetheart. Call me so I know you got home safe.” Gotcha, Mom.

My first guardian angel

My first guardian angel

I guess when you’re a mom, your children will always be your babies, no matter their age. Protecting them is in your DNA. Continue reading