When The Lights Went Out

This same month 2 years ago I wrote, Out of the Ashes. And sadly, here we go again…

At 8:30 p.m., a week ago Saturday, our power was shut off for 48 hours. Unfortunately, we’re experiencing fires again in the hills of Northern California. People are evacuating while thousands of acres burn. High winds worsen matters, so Pacific Gas & Electric rotates the shutdown to various counties, some for hours, others for days.

KIncaid fire 3

Now don’t get me wrong; this is a delicate subject to blog about. I intend no disrespect to those suffering from the situation and my prayers are with them. But often with my blog, I attempt to write from a lighthearted perspective. So here’s what I experienced during this shutdown… Continue reading

Thank You, Guardian Angels

I have a guardian angel, maybe even two. No doubt my mom is one. She died 9 years ago and even though I was 48 at the time, she still worried about me. When she knew I’d be out late she would say, “Be careful driving home, sweetheart. Call me so I know you got home safe.” Gotcha, Mom.

My first guardian angel

My first guardian angel

I guess when you’re a mom, your children will always be your babies, no matter their age. Protecting them is in your DNA. Continue reading