It’s Movie Time

movie popcorn

Winter is movie time, not only because of the weather but because the best flicks surface just in time for the Oscars in February. We Americans, including voting members of the academy, have not only short attention spans, but our memory banks are overloaded. Who recalls a movie that premiered last March? Not me.the oscar. jpg

Consequently, movie makers in pursuit of that coveted gold statue, and accompanying status it represents, often release their films at the end of the year. Now don’t get me wrong; that’s not to say there aren’t some duds in the mix. But overall, I’d say end of the year movies don’t disappoint.

Let me rephrase that: You may not be disappointed with the movie but there’s a good chance another movie-goer will leave you wondering why you didn’t simply wait to stream it into the comfort of your living room. I swear, almost every time I go to the movies lately I ask myself that question.why

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And the Winner is…

academy awards

One of the best things about watching the recent Academy Awards is not having to actually watch all 3 1/2 tedious hours.

All I can say is, thank you Lord for whomever invented the DVR. I’m able to fast forward through 2 1/2 hours of gloating movie stars to get to the real substance: the dresses. And maybe the occasional spontaneous, heartfelt acceptance speech.

Anthony Wood, inventor of the DVR

Anthony Wood, inventor of the DVR

I suppose you could call me an Oscar snob. Now don’t get me wrong; I love movies and great story telling. But for me, the fun part of the awards is seeing the latest fashions – who got it “right” and who didn’t; hearing who will humiliate themselves with a thoughtless comment on stage; who trips on her dress; who doesn’t actually smile on camera when they learn they’ve lost.

Now that's more like it

Now that’s more like it

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