I Love to Purge (Not What You Think)

There’s something about spring that pushes me to get rid of stuff. And now with only 19 days left before summer, I better get the lead out…and the excess clothing I never wear…and the kitchen utensils I’ve forgotten I even owned.purge

I find that over the course of each year I’ve collected more than I’ve purged and I’m running out of space. Therefore, if I’m to continue collecting (and I’m guessing I am), it’s essential purging begin immediately, if not sooner.

So, over Memorial Weekend I did just that. While all of you were smartly spending your time outdoors, I began the weekend with my head inside my wine cabinet. And what I found surprised me. You see, I’m not much of a wine drinker because it makes me sleepy. But I do occasionally enjoy a nice Pinot with pasta, followed by a long nap.wine cabinet

Because I don’t know wine, it seems I’ve skipped purging that cabinet for quite some time. Therefore, I poured out 14 bottles on Saturday. Fourteen! The oldest was bottled in 1989. After Googling the shelf life of certain wines, I realized some had lost their luster a mere 29 years ago.wine collection

One particular bottle I’d purposely saved over the years was one my parents autographed with their friends on their first cruise in 1972. I finally poured out what had fermented long ago but kept the bottle for sentimental reasons.cruise wine

There were wines with unfamiliar names. Ever heard of Lang and Reed Wild Hare Rose? Me neither. Wonder who brought the pricey bottle of Mirabel Rose? What a generous, unknown friend. Then there’s a bottle of Cognac. I’ve yet to taste the stuff, and no, I couldn’t bring myself to dump those bottles. But my guess is I’ll find them in the same spot 10 years from now.cognac

I find emptying my kitchen drawers a fascinating endeavor. Why I purchased certain items is a mystery since I couldn’t identify what they do. So off they went into the donate pile. I’ll let someone else figure them out.

kitchen stuff


I organized my pantry so labels face forward and cans line up neatly, exposing my touch of OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive-Disorder). But here again I found outdated boxes, cans and jars. I could have fed a Girl Scout troop with what I discarded.

Girl Scout troop

Eat up girls!

I made a deal with myself a while ago that for any item of clothing I buy, I must purge one. Now don’t get me wrong; this has been hard to honor. I have my fat pants, skinny pants and just-the-right-weight pants. Since I frequently go in and out of those categories, I struggle to purge my pants. So let’s just say I have lots of pants.

Lastly, I haven’t been able to park in my garage for months, mostly because of Marin Friends of Ferals supplies stored there. But no more! We have a shed at Marin Humane now, so my BMW convertible top shall henceforth be bird-poop-free.clean garage

Instead of having to wash my car again this weekend, I tackled my clothes closet, definitely a huge undertaking since I wear a quarter of what I own. I also purged my shoe closets (yes, that’s plural). I’m embarrassed to tell you how many pairs of shoes I had, so I won’t. But I want you to note the operative word in that sentence was HAD.

I’d say my weekend of purging went quite well, wouldn’t you? So on your mark, get set, go! Let the collecting begin (again).


PS…For those who followed the Holy Crap pup pursuit saga with Gracie and Brownie (renamed Buzz), here’s the latest:

gracie in bed

Gracie with her bunny

Toni holding Brownie

Toni and Buzz

Buzz and Gracie

Together at last (I just love this picture)


7 thoughts on “I Love to Purge (Not What You Think)

  1. Janet, I can identify a couple of your mystery kitchen tools. The black thing is to separate and egg. The center catches the yoke while the whites fall into a dish. You also had a peeler that goes on your finger. The green thing…. I don’t know.

    • Thanks Toni. The friend who gave me the green thing sent a photo of some parsley on the stem. You put the stem thru the hole and strip it from the stem, then chop away. Now I wish I hadn’t given it away!


  2. Ok, I think I gave you the green leaf, because I have one too. It’s for stripping the leaves off of fresh herbs.

  3. I know a bit about Lang and Reed…but not Wild Hare Rose! We were landlords of The Skupneys who started Lang and Reed, named after their sons. They first made wine on our property and have become quite noted with their cabernet franc. Small world. I think I would toss that wine as well!

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