Technology: Or How To Feel Like an Idiot

I’m what you’d call technologically challenged. If my computer, cell phone or TV goes on the blink, I stare at it with tilted head, open mouth and squinted eyes. I do this out of utter exasperation because in that moment, I have absolutely no clue what to do. None whatsoever. Continue reading

A Bruised Ego

After my morning shower Thursday, I grabbed the hamper and headed downstairs to do a load of wash. Nothing exciting there, right? But that would soon change.

While making my morning latte, I decided to check my email but I couldn’t find my iPhone. Then I remembered where it was when I saw it last. And then, seconds later, I knew where I’d find it now.


Before I’d headed downstairs, I’d placed my cell phone on top of the towels in the hamper in order to carry everything at once. My phone cover happens to be a beige cat that blended perfectly with the beige towel at the top of the hamper.


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Dirty Little Secrets

Okay, some of this will be gross so maybe hold off eating that tuna sandwich until you’re finished reading. Unless, of course, you don’t mind losing your appetite because you over-indulged during the holidays and would be happy to shed a couple pounds. In that case, read on!

So I came across an article from a tech columnist for Yahoo who wrote about germs. It featured cell phones and how disgustingly filthy they are. And let me tell you, they are foul little buggers. Who knew cell phones had so many dirty little secrets?cell phone germs

Turns out there’s a bunch of stuff I learned about our phones I sort of wish I hadn’t. Be prepared to be revolted, say experts in the field of studying dirty things. Yes, there’s actually a field devoted to that. I call them Crud Finders. Boy am I grateful not to be in that profession.  Continue reading