I’m Gonna Be Rich

Apparently there are people all over the planet who are generous beyond belief. Who knew?

But since computers became a mainstay in most American households, a whole new world opened for us when we were introduced to the good, the bad and the ugly: The Internet, LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram. You name it, social networking platforms are full of entertainment, information, and front and center, an avenue for the disingenuous to make an easy buck.

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Observations on the Ridiculous, Chapter 2

The ridiculous continues. Here are this month’s 7 picks…

My ridiculous dog, Nellie


1. My dog Nellie. The last 3 times I’ve walked my Greyhound she’s chosen to stop at the same house to do her business. That wouldn’t be so bad if her business wasn’t comprised of a load of disgustingly runny poop. (Hope you aren’t eating right now.)

poop bags To make matters worse, the homeowners are always out front. What are the odds? I do carry poop bags and always clean up after my dogs but still, this is getting ridiculous. Try as I might to coax her over to the next house (where those homeowners have the good sense not to be home), one simply cannot budge a pooping Greyhound once she becomes so inclined. I believe it’s time to change our walking route. Continue reading