You Can’t Be Serious

A while back I was blogging once a month about things I find ridiculous. And let me tell you, I find LOTS of things ridiculous. So I had to give the posts different titles. After all, I couldn’t exactly title them all, Don’t Be Ridiculous. Well, I guess I could. But I didn’t. (Click on the title to read that posting.)

Now don’t get me wrong. You may think I’m shamelessly promoting those past postings, urging you through not-so-subliminal suggestions to click away, thereby increasing my readership. How dare you think that! Would I do that to you? Well friends, as a matter of fact, yes.

shame on me

Anyway, some of those ridiculous posts, so to speak, are Are You Kidding Me? and That’s Ridiculous, Chapter 4, to name a couple. Hey, I warned you I find the ridiculous in many places. But since I haven’t complained in a while concerning this topic, it’s about time I did again, don’t you think? Continue reading

That’s Ridiculous, Chapter 4

I haven’t written a ridiculous post in over a month so I think I’m due, don’t you? Now don’t get me wrong; I’m sure by now you’ve noticed that many of my blog posts are ridiculous. What I mean is, I sometimes list the little things in life that I find annoying or absurd. And I always have plenty of material, let me tell ya.

ridiculous quote

Anyway, let’s get right to it, shall we? I’m literally writing this at the 11th hour this weekend and if I plan to get any shut-eye tonight, I better wrap up this ridiculousness.

That’s Ridiculous #1

This morning I forgot the name of my dog, Callie. For about 10 seconds there, I was drawing a complete blank. I stared into her eyes and…nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Callie up close in kitchen

How can I forget this face?

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Observations on the Ridiculous, Chapter 2

The ridiculous continues. Here are this month’s 7 picks…

My ridiculous dog, Nellie


1. My dog Nellie. The last 3 times I’ve walked my Greyhound she’s chosen to stop at the same house to do her business. That wouldn’t be so bad if her business wasn’t comprised of a load of disgustingly runny poop. (Hope you aren’t eating right now.)

poop bags To make matters worse, the homeowners are always out front. What are the odds? I do carry poop bags and always clean up after my dogs but still, this is getting ridiculous. Try as I might to coax her over to the next house (where those homeowners have the good sense not to be home), one simply cannot budge a pooping Greyhound once she becomes so inclined. I believe it’s time to change our walking route. Continue reading