A Day at the Beach

My friend Patti and her hubby rented a cute beach-front home last week. While Kent was at work (poor guy) Patti invited some of the gals out for a day of fun. In order to alleviate any boredom our friend might incur all alone out there, we did what any good friends would; we quickly headed out to join her before she changed her mind.When the seven of us descended upon Stinson Beach, just an hour from home, our gracious host greeted us in the driveway. Let the fun begin! Continue reading

You Go Girl!

Beautiful Lake Tahoe

Beautiful Lake Tahoe

Three friends and I went to Lake Tahoe last month to cheer for our friend Patti; she rode 100 miles in the 22nd annual ‘America’s Most Beautiful Bike Ride’ for the Leukemia Foundation ‘Team in Training.’ I’m exhausted just thinking about it. Patti trained for months to complete the ride so we went to support her at the finish, whether she crawled or rode across. Continue reading

Super-Human Friends

Margo and Pam

Margo and Pam

My two exercise buddies, Pam and Margo, trained with me a while ago for a sprint triathlon. We spent months preparing for the half-mile open water swim, 15-mile bike and 4-mile run.

All this, mind you, is done consecutively; not on different days, like normal people would do. And to top it off, we are expected to do it all within a couple hours or risk getting passed by the 95-year-old who’s in her 70th consecutive sprint-tri. Continue reading

Say it Isn’t So

It is with profound sadness that I announce the passing of a very special friend; a friend that has been there for me the past 13 years, through both great and difficult times.

Although my friend could be frustrating and, on occasion, disappointing, I’m sure it was usually my fault. When life got busy, I tended to be neglectful. I admit I sometimes left him behind – usually in my trunk. Continue reading